Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Is Vikram Pandit joining Sutesh Sharma at Portman Square Capital?

How the hell should I know? Maybe he is, and maybe he ain't. We'll have to wait and see. / Christ! Oh, isn't the world of finance just so unbelievably exciting? I must be a fool for wanting to leave it for the rock and roll life. 'You're not leaving, Mikey?!' No, Voice. I can do both. 'Yeah, like Adam Faith.' Yeah. 'Have you finished your songs yet?' No. 'Well, I reckon you're going to be bigger than Hitler after this lot.' Are you paraphrasing Stardust? 'Yes, Mikey.' I thought so, Voice. A David Essex classic! 'And Adam Faith!' Yes, and Adam Faith. My nan knew his mum, you know.

I still can't get over Sutesh Sharma, the way he's created this hedge fund. When you think of how many fantasists there are around, it's amazing.

I didn't play my guitar yesterday. I might play it today. Or I might go out. / Is it hot tonight, or is it just me? / I'm listening to Eno's Apollo, obviously.

I wonder what Sutesh is doing. He's probably asleep. I do keep some funny hours, don't I? / I could pop over to see Sutesh - in my astral body. 'You don't do astral projection any more, man.' No. It was just a thought. I guess I'm bored.

What time is it? I'm tired. 'Go to sleep, Mikey.' Not yet. I've got to post this. Can't let my readers down.

I hope I have some nice dreams tonight. 'Maybe you'll see Sutesh in a dream.' Not sure I'm that lucky, Voice.