Monday, 15 October 2012

Man seeds new GLG Partners hedge fund in Hong Kong!

It sounds disgusting until you realize it's Man Group we're talking about here, not ... well, never mind.

David Mercurio is mixed up in it, whoever he is. I don't even want to discuss this. It's Monday morning. What sort of sicko wants to write about finance at such a time, and in winter? Well, it's not winter yet, but it will be soon. Basically, we've got five months of misery to look forward to.

I'm going to play my guitar today. I've got all the music I need for my demo, just need a couple of lyrics.

I'm going to the pub tonight for my dinner. It's Monster Monday, whatever that is. I was there last Monday. I didn't see any monsters.

Thank God I'm not a finance writer! I mean, one of these so-called professionals who write about the markets and shit as their main thing. It must be very frustrating for them, like being a eunuch. They know what's going on. They see what's going on. But they don't get to fuck. / Oh, much better to be a banker or a trader or something.

Of course, as a shaman I'm free to do what I want. I'm addicted to the conceptual stuff now, going a-ROUND. There's years of fun to be had there.

I'm having an egg sandwich for lunch, with crisps, a Pepsi, and a peach yoghurt. As I've already explained, I prefer Coke, but there was a special offer at the supermarket.

I'll have a veggie burger tonight and some cider. They've got a nice apple, pear and raspberry crumble as well. I read in their trade magazine last week (I was bored) that they've sold seventy tonnes of the stuff in the last year, the apples. Not all to me. I'd be as big as a house.