Thursday, 18 October 2012

Greg Coffey is retiring from the hedge fund business

Yes, he's leaving Moore Capital, and he ain't going anywhere else. I haven't spoken to Greg. Not sure I want to, really. I think he blames me. I know he was upset when I shut down the desert, astral and physical. But there's more to financial shamanism than the desert. Some people can't see that. They're set in their ways. Shame. If you want to be a real revolutionary, you've got to make changes all the time. The squares used to see me in the astral night, and they were scared. Now they don't know where I am. It's terrifying - for them.

Poor Greg. What is he going to do? Forty-one. Christ! He's only forty-one. Younger than me! / I hope Greg isn't going to lie around the house, stuffing his face with Jaffa Cakes. He has so much to live for. I don't want to see him turn into some sort of fat hedge fund Elvis. That would be tragic. Well, it's his life.


Jaffa Cakes? Forget about Jaffa Cakes. I've got one of those little blackcurrant cheesecake things for my lunch, after my cheese rolls, of course. And I'm still on the Pepsi. Eight cans for £2! You can't do better than that.