Wednesday, 17 October 2012

PSigma's Bill Mott is staying all defensive

Bill "The Hoople" Mott has told no one in particular that he's sticking with defensive stocks in food and drinks and household goods. Is this wise? Maybe. But where have all the risk-takers gone? / 'Mikey, wasn't it Nietzsche who said we should build our homes on the sides of volcanoes?' Yes, Voice, but he was sick in the head. 'Yeah, didn't he try to fuck his sister?' I don't know about that. 'And he went nuts and whipped that horse, didn't he?' No, he lost his mind after seeing someone else whip a horse. 'Oh, that's right. What a crazy guy! Thank God Bill Mott isn't like that!' This is what I'm saying, Voice. You wouldn't catch The Hoople getting involved in all sorts of nutty nonsense. 'No, we wouldn't catch him, Mikey.' So he's right - in the present climate - to invest in these defensive stocks. He's worried about inflation and that. 'We all are.'


Right, that's enough stock crap for one day. I don't want to turn into one of these sad cases going on about stocks all the time. 'No, Mikey, you're the cool rock and roll star type. How's that going, by the way?' I'm not doing any more music updates. This is a finance blog. 'Yeah, right. Let's talk about stocks then.' I'm really excited about this new piece of music I wrote the other week. It's simple but dramatic. 'Great! What about the lyrics?' I ain't got no lyrics. 'Jesus! What's the matter with you, man?' I don't know. I don't know. It's a psychological block or something. 'Maybe The Hoople will be able to help you. Why don't you ask him?' No, he's out of the game now. 'Packed it all in when he was twenty-five, didn't he?' Yeah. 'Apparently, the television man told him he was a juvenile delinquent wreck.' I know. He was dressing like a queen as well. But it's in the past, Voice. We all do silly stuff when we're young.