Tuesday, 2 October 2012

JPMorgan Chase has defrauded a bear?!

'What the fuck is going on, man?!' I don't know, Voice. It's the craziest story I've ever had to deal with. How do you rip off a bear? 'And in the woods, Mikey.' Yeah, in the woods. And why is this such a big story? 'It involves JPMorgan, I suppose.' I suppose, Voice. It's bloody crazy though.

Apparently, some nutjob at JPMorgan sold some mortgage-backed securities to this bear, but there was something wrong with them. (They were worthless or something, probably worthless.) And the bear started growling, and they couldn't shut him up. And then some wildlife preservation freaks got involved in the matter. 'And then the fucking media got hold of it.' Yeah, the fucking media got hold of the story, and now it's just total chaos. No one knows what to believe, or whom to believe. 'I like the "whom", Mikey. So, do we believe the growling bear in the woods, or -' Or do we believe JPMorgan?


I think I've covered this story enough. I'm sure other "people" can make more sense of it than I can.

Right, I've got a plan, and it's going to work. / This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I'm not going on the internet, not watching TV, I'll hardly be sleeping, I'll not be washing(?!): I'm going to finish my songs. Three days of massive action with no distractions!

I'm a bit more enthusiastic now because I've dreamt up a cool strategy for approaching publishers - a unique idea that will grab their attention.

I might put the songs on this blog, on their own special page, like my "Notes" page. I'll have to think about that.

Just getting the songs finished is the important thing. I've been letting this drift for ages. No more!

Oh, Seth Godin's Linchpin. He says real artists ship. Or he's quoting Steve Jobs. It doesn't matter. / But I've got to fight the lizard brain!

I don't allow the lizard brain to fuck with me on this blog, so what's the problem with my songs? Well, the stakes are higher, the potential rewards greater. And the bastard lizard brain knows it. He's not stupid. But I'm going to beat him this weekend.