Thursday, 4 October 2012

I want to find a fund manager and spin him - or her - a-ROUND

That's the sort of mood I'm in today. I think I'll just pick one at random for my No. 60. Later, after lunch. / There's nothing sadistic about it. (Are you worried? Get a life!) Most of them love it. I've taken Mike Corcell for a spin twice now. He can't get enough.


I'm feeling optimistic about tomorrow: the start of my three days of massive creative action. I know I'll do it. Failure is not an option. I might take Monday off blogging to recover. Maybe I'll go out somewhere to celebrate, have a few beers. Then it's going to be radio silence after that - I mean, no music updates - while I work out my next move(s). I might approach the first publisher the traditional way. But if that doesn't work I'll use the new way I've dreamt up, and that will mean putting the songs on this blog - so you can listen to them, then, dear reader(s).

I've been thinking, the songs I wrote over twenty years ago were okay, but they didn't achieve full reality, if you know what I mean. Neil Young's When You Dance I Can Really Love has full reality. I've completed one such song recently. I have the music for another. I need the lyrics. And I need another complete song. THIS WEEKEND!!!