Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Borislav Vladimirov has gone to Rokos Capital Management!

Two exciting bits of news! Firstly, Chris Rokos has hired another person for his hedge fund. He has Borislav Vladimirov and Stuart Riley working for him now. This means he won't have to rely on his mum and dad, aunts and uncles, and cousins so much. (Remember, he had a family office, yeah?) Secondly, Chris has finally managed to come up with a name for his firm, Rokos Capital Management. 'Amazing, boss! He must have really stretched his imagination for that one.' Yes, Voice. Our Chris is a genius. There can be no doubt about it.

Oh, and, er ... this Boris, he used to be a partner at Brevan Howard, you know. 'Great!' Yes, it is great. However, that's all I know about him. 'Haven't you looked at his LinkedIn profile, Mikey?' Haven't you?! What do I pay you for, man? 'Er ... you don't pay me, man. I'm your slave, unfortunately.' Christ. Don't be like that. Slave! You're my intern. 'Yeah. Whatever.' There are plenty of other "people" who would like to have your job, Voice. Don't forget who I am, what I am. The world's foremost financial shaman!

Ha! He's gone, dear reader(s). / And he's not even a person. Just a voice. Who else would employ him?


Anything else?

Not much. / I'll be writing another conceptual later, for my sins, No. 317. I don't know what the subject will be. (Subject?! Who cares what the subject is? It's the sound of the words that matters. And the vision. The emotional intensity!) Let me have my lunch first. I'm always more creative after a cheese sandwich.

Music? I haven't got anything on yet. / I watched AC/DC Live at River Plate again last night. I always focus on Angus Young. I love his riffs. And he's so entertaining!