Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Leon Cooperman says the stock market will get higher than the sun

Well, well ... YES(!) / Over in America, of course. Not here. 'Ha!' I don't think he knows what's going to happen over here. 'Mikey, does he really say higher than the sun?' No, Voice. Not exactly. Our Leon says it's a bull market that will continue for the rest of the year, that's all. 'Oh.' But I need poetic licence in situations like this, man, because let's face it, finance is so boring, and any poetry we can squeeze into it can only be a good thing.

Yeah, yeah, er, for those of you who don't know - idiots(!), well, uh, I only found out ... earlier this morning, myself, so, er, never mind - Leon Cooperman is the chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors. 'Great!' And this is interesting, from the firm's website: Omega has approximately $9.1 billion under management (as of April 30, 2015). With a significant amount of personal general partner capital invested in the Omega funds, we (to quote Warren E. Buffett) eat our own cooking; our interests are very much aligned with that of our investors. 'But -' Yes, I know what you're thinking, Voice. Do they drink a barrel of Coca-Cola every day? Because that is what Warren does. 'Ha!' The man is insane! 'Does he have any teeth left, boss?' He gets new teeth every month. 'Well ... he can afford to.' I know. But he's setting a bad example for the rest of us. I'm stuck with the teeth I've got, what's left of them.

Anyway, as for this bull market in the States ... higher and higher, bigger and better, with no bubbles? 'We don't want bubbles!' Let's wait and see, dear reader(s), eh? It sounds a bit fantastic, but at least our Leon has a positive attitude. / Oh, I can feel a conceptual coming on! 'No. 314, boss?' You betcha, Voice! Why not? You only live millions of times.

Leon's LinkedIn profile? Don't worry about it, reader(s). It's a fake one. No connections! Not one! Is that likely, for a CEO? There's a nice photograph of him though. Leon has a very friendly face. 'I was just going to say that, Mikey.' Yeah.


Anything else? 'Politics!' Do we have to? Christ! All right. Well, here's a thought: Why hasn't Rupert Murdoch asked David Cameron to ban the internet? I mean, how on earth is The Sun supposed to brainwash all the slaves with the existence of social media like Twitter and Facebook? 'It's an outrage, boss! These billionaire media barons are having such a rough time of it.' Well, maybe if Cameron wins ...