Thursday, 14 May 2015

RWC Partners - new emerging markets team?

No, I don't believe it. Fundweb has got this one wrong. The website reckons RWC has poached fifteen staff from Everest Capital for its new emerging markets team. This is over in America, where the monster lives, and RWC needs to feed the monster. 'Are you talking about Mike Corcell, boss?' Yes, I am. 'He's still in London.' We don't know that. His LinkedIn profile says he's in North Carolina. Why shouldn't we believe it? There haven't been any "bitings" in London lately - unless the authorities have been covering them up.

Everest Capital is an employee owned hedge fund sponsor. The firm primarily provides its services to pooled investment vehicles. It also caters to other investment advisers. The firm manages separate client-focused equity portfolios. It invests in public equity and fixed income markets across the globe.

Oh, the poor sods! They have no idea! Mike will have them for dinner. 'Er, Fundweb seems pretty sure that the Everest gang will be working in RWC's new emerging, frontier, and Asia equity business, Mikey.' Well, Voice, either Fundweb is wrong or ... it's in league with RWC and Corcell. 'Oh.' Personally, I think it's wrong. I don't think Fundweb is evil. / 'So, what will happen to the team?' RWC will pack them off to North Carolina. (They're in Miami now.) Then I presume they'll be put in Mike's cage, one by one, as and when he's hungry. 'Christ! What a horrible way to go!' Yeah.

Dear reader(s), all I can say is, RWC must really love Mike Corcell. I mean, have you ever heard of a firm going through so much trouble for one of its people?


Anything else? No, not much, really.

'Lunch?' Lunch?! [I'm a vegetarian!] I've got a luxury egg sandwich. And a packet of crisps. And a small blackcurrant cheesecake. And a can of Coke. But you don't need me to tell YOU(!) this. You've got an imagination, haven't you?