Thursday, 21 May 2015

What about those bank fines, eh?

Barclays was fined £1.5 billion. They can afford it, of course. And Royal Bank of Scotland was fined £430 million. 'No problem, boss! The taxpayer can afford it.' Oh yeah, the taxpayer owns the bank. Yeah, we can afford it. I mean, we can't afford to support the unemployed, or the sick, or the disabled. They've all got to do workfare, even if they're dying. But the banks? No problem, man! 'No problem, Mikey!' No problem at all.


Oh, that's enough. I don't want to go insane. The lies in this world, the dirt. Thank God for the pub and the river!

I hope it's sunny tomorrow.

Bank holiday, too! 'Yippee!' Yeah. There's no rest for the wicked though. I've got guitar playing to do. 'That's not work, boss.' Oh no? I'd like to see you put in the hours that I put in. 'I don't have any hands. I don't have any fingers.' Uh. Voice, I've heard it all before, son. I don't have any hands. I don't have a head. I don't have a body. Change the record, will you?!

Anyway, reader(s), have a nice weekend. Laters.