Wednesday, 13 May 2015

JAT Capital is going to become a family office

Yes, yes ... / John Thaler is returning money to investors and bringing in, er ... his mum and dad, I suppose, and aunts and uncles, and various cousins. 'Brilliant!' Oh, it makes sense, Voice. JAT Capital is going to be a family affair! John Thaler has had enough of degenerate strangers he can't trust.

JAT Capital Management, L.P. is a multi-billion dollar global equity investment firm founded by John Thaler in 2007. The firm employs a fundamentally-oriented, private equity-like approach to public equity investing, taking a longer-term perspective when evaluating investments. The firm offers both long-short and long equity strategies, with a focus on investing in the telecom, media and technology and travel, leisure and gaming sectors.

And it's based in Greenwich. 'London, boss?' No, Connecticut. Over in America! 'All right. I don't know, do I? You keep jumping around, writing about firms everywhere.' I don't jump around, man. / Although I may be jumping a-ROUND later, you know, in my mind, my soul, my cosmic soul, after lunch. 'No. 315?' I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, the last one was No. 314, wasn't it? Anything is possible.

Uh, I almost forgot: After a few years of making big profits JAT Capital has started to make a few losses. 'Christ. That's why!' Well, that's life, I'm afraid, Voice, dear reader(s). You're riding high in April, shot down in May. But I know our John is going to change that tune, when he's back on top, back on top in June.


Anyway ... / Anything else?

'Music?' Music! I reckon I'm better on lead guitar than Noel Gallagher now (and Kurt Cobain). That's the minimum level I was aiming for. The thing is, Noel is still more melodic than me. That's because he doesn't improvise (as far as I can tell.) All my playing has been improvised so far. I'll have to make the effort soon to actually write some solos.

Oh, I read on an internet forum recently that a powerful thing to do is to play in the blues scale, switch to the pentatonic, and then go back to the blues. (I think I've mentioned it before. It doesn't matter. I wasn't doing it much then.) Well, reader(s), it's great fun! And Angus Young does it, apparently. YOU(!) should have a go ...

Have you got a guitar?