Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Alex Wright at Fidelity will have to do some work now

Oh dear! 'Tragedy!' Dear oh dear oh dear, eh? [I'll let YOU(!) judge.] Bad news for Alex Wright at Fidelity Worldwide Investment! (Well, I think it is.) Just after the bank holiday as well. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

You see, dear reader(s), Fidelity has decided to re-open the Fidelity UK Smaller Companies fund to new investment. 'Shit!' Our Alex is the manager. The fund was actually soft closed a couple of years ago. Since then, Alex has spent most of his time practicing the guitar. (Yes, he's a musician like me. A pretty good one, too.) Everything has been going smoothly. (He's recently mastered finger-picking.) However, last month, he made the tragic mistake of playing his Telecaster in the office - with the amp turned up to eleven! 'Christ! Idiot!' Yes, Voice. One of the bosses heard him and said something like, er ... : Why isn't that oaf working? Then some chivato explained to the boss that Alex's fund was closed in 2013. 'And the rest is history, I suppose, Mikey?' Yes, they've opened the fund again to give Alex something to do.

The bastards! / I mean, like playing the guitar isn't "something to do". I really hate these philistines, man. These slave-drivers. 'Animals!' Our Alex is an artist! He's sensitive, you know? The man has genuine human feelings. It's not all about the money with him.


Never mind. I'll be taking Alex for a spin after lunch, No. 313. It might make him feel a little better.

Anything else? Music? Yes, I'm listening to AC/DC again. Angus Young is my role model now. (Watch the Live at River Plate DVD!) I want to play the guitar as well as he can. I have a crystal-clear goal at last! / Oh, last night I actually dreamt I was playing like him and I woke up with my arms and legs thrashing around. True story.

Politics? Oh, let's give politics a rest, eh? Politics is outside of us. We've got to look inside, you dig?

Laters. (Lunch? Er ... cheese sandwich, crisps, yoghurt, can of Coke. No surprises.)