Thursday, 30 April 2015

I'm exhausted!

Yeah, yeah ... another week gone! (I need a drink.) Thank sweet baby Jesus and the Mary Chain! Where do the weeks go? Actually, where do the weekends go?

Yes, Thursday night, the start of another weekend. Bank holiday Monday too! / The snooker won't be any good though. Ronnie is out. He can be annoying, very annoying, but he's the only player worth watching.


I  might cut down on the conceptuals to one a week, like I said I would. I'm just getting so DIZZY, you dig? I mean, how many do I need?

I was going to write another finance story tonight, you know, to add to the hundreds, the thousands(!), of others. Uh, yeah, I was going to search for another hedge fund opening, or ... closing. 'Ha!' Ha.

Oh, I don't know, dear reader(s). Bloody hell. Well, we do know the routine, don't we? Nothing changes. / However ... One day, I'll be a rock star. One day, I'll be living in Malibu. One day, I'll look back at this blog and laugh.

You've got to have a dream ...