Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Is Stephanie Flanders right about investors and the general election?

She reckons investors aren't worried about the election. What do you think, dear reader(s)? Personally, I think they are worried about a possible Labour/SNP coalition. / Me? No. I doubt I'll be voting, but I'm hoping we will have a Labour/SNP government. (I don't care about investors and what they want. Sorry.) After yesterday, I really don't trust Labour on their own. I mean, all this austerity nonsense. 'Ha!' Exactly! We've had enough austerity, thanks. What we all want NOW(!) ... is, er, the Scots spending some money, lots of money! We don't care where the money comes from. Let the rich suffer! Everyone else has suffered. It's character building!

'Er ... well, investors, boss, er ...' What, Voice?! What are you babbling on about? 'Investors.' Rich investors? The 1 per cent?! Christ! Forget about them, yeah?! 'Oh, all right.' You've been brainwashed by the media - owned by the investors. They're playing you for a fool, son. Investors aren't starving, are they? 'No.' They're not homeless. And they never will be!


By the way, reader(s), our Stephanie is still wearing that awful necklace. (Have a look at the picture on Fundweb.) 'Ha! What's wrong with this girl?!' I have no idea, Voice. 'Will she ever learn? / Maybe you should have another word with her, Mikey.' Oh yeah, like I haven't got better things to do. Like I haven't got guitars to play and songs to record. Forget about it! / The problem is, girls like Stephanie have a mind of their own. I can't be bothered dealing with them no more. 'Your Gilly!' Uh. And my Gilly, Gilly. Yeah. She still goes skiing, you know, even though I've made it quite clear what sort of people go skiing.


Music? I'm listening to AC/DC again. So? / Man, I'm so glad I've got over three hundred albums on my media player. If I feel like jazz, I've got Davis, Parker, and Coltrane. Ambient? Eno. Rock? Well, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Who ... / And I've got Sinatra, Bowie, Dylan, Prince, Clapton, Doors, Gaye, 2Pac, Roxy ... er, Donna Summer - !!! Well, the sun is shining today, the start of a three-month heatwave. I feel love!!! Bring it on!!!