Monday, 27 April 2015

Roman Shukhman will one day leave JPMorgan for Aesir Capital Management

Oh, I've played my guitar for two hours, now I'm going to write about the future of Roman Shukhman. He's going to leave JPMorgan. (Over in America.) I know it. I can feel it. I can see it, just like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone.

I don't actually care. It's none of my business. And you shouldn't care, reader(s). It's none of your business. But, er ... / Our Roman has traded credit derivatives before. Yeah, yeah. He will trade them again. Thank God, eh?! I mean ... it's a relief, man! The good news is, he's not a toilet trader. He doesn't have problems, desires ... I doubt he's been anywhere near the Tottenham Court Road. / It should be so simple, this post. Easy in the afternoon with a bit of melancholy. However, Mark Fishman is involved. FEAR! I have no idea who this Mark Fishman is. I suppose he's okay. (I'm guessing. I'm praying.) Not crazy or nothing, like me and the kooks. I don't know.


Let's forget about it!!! / Let me put my love into you, babe. Yes, I'm listening to AC/DC again.

I've worked out my guitar playing average for the last fourteen months. I've played two hours twenty minutes every day. That's like, what? Er, 420 (long) concerts in a row, day after day.

I need to get more melodic with my solos definitely. However, I hardly make a wrong move these days. I'll be like Angus Young soon. Running around in a pair of shorts with a schoolboy hat.


I'll write some finance shit again on Wednesday. Be patient. My head is all fucked up at the moment.

[Blah blah blah, it don't matter ************//////????????????!!!!!! who cares? Blood and fire, a-ROUND NOTHING FORGET IT YOU DON'T KNOW@@@@@@@ what can you say why say it please I've typed over it NOW HA! HA! HA! - chaos come and get it, you can't find me, you'll never know, so ... ah, so what?]

God is waiting for me in the cave. I might go soon. We'll get him when he comes back. "He's not coming back."


Uh, it's just fragments. My brain is like this sometimes. My soul. My consciousness.

Never mind. It's a great way to make a living!

Peace and quiet. Bring it on! Cherry bakewells, and a cup of tea. / Laters.