Thursday, 30 April 2015

KKR Prisma hedge fund thing, Apex Strategy, I don't know

Oh, before we get down to business ... I've been confused all week, my mind all over the place, yeah? And now I have to read The Sun. For some reason, they have David Cameron dressed up as a newborn baby on the front page. 'Ha!' Have they lost their freakin' minds?! 'Maybe they're trying to destroy the Conservative Party, boss.' Yes, maybe, Voice. I just can't understand it. Why would you want to vote for an adult baby? I mean, a grown man's head on a baby's body? What the fuck are they thinking of at The Sun?! How on earth does it make Cameron look like a statesman you can respect?! / Well, well ... uh, let's (try to) take our minds off it, eh, dear reader(s)? Let's concentrate on something less horrific. KKR.

KKR has this Prisma hedge fund thing. I don't know what it is exactly. Some kind of unit they bought a few years ago. Anyway, they've got the KKR Apex Strategy now, which is a new fund that will steal all the best ideas from a group of fourteen equity managers. 'It sounds horrific, Mikey.' Yes, Voice. It's better than the man-baby, I suppose ... but not much better.

Christ. I've heard of this before, even written about it. (Greg Geiling and his WHAM BAAM THANK YOU MA'AM investing group.) You can't go around stealing people's ideas and expect to get away with it. The "ideas" will probably be rubbish anyway. 'They're standing on the shoulders of giants, boss.' Bollocks! They're standing on the shoulders of midgets, man. It will all end in tears, mark my words.


Anything else? Music? Well, I worked out how to play the intro to Highway to Hell yesterday. It's pretty simple. / And, yes, I'm listening to AC/DC again, Back in Black. Normally, heavy or hard rock isn't my thing, but I just love Angus Young's playing. His bluesy riffs are awesome!