Monday, 20 April 2015

Is Jon Corzine going to launch a new hedge fund?

Well, well ... a new hedge fund. You know, dear reader(s), Jon Corzine, the MF Global guy? Yeah. / No, no, no ... I doubt it. He's retired, isn't he? Christ! Why do people spread these rumours? Can't we let the man enjoy his retirement in peace?

'Mikey, I've just got off the phone to Jon's lawyer.' Oh yeah. Sure you have. 'Well, do you want to hear what he said to me, yes or no?' Go on then. 'His lawyer said: Jon Corzine is not managing anybody's money and has not asked a single investor to put money into a fund. He is gratified that others might want to invest with him.' Yeah, it's a bullshit story, Voice. A nothing story. But this is Monday morning, so ...

Never mind. Uh. God. I don't know. / Jon still has legal trouble with MF Global, I think. The last thing he wants is more finance in his life. This "story" was obviously dreamed up by someone who thinks finance is EVERYTHING. Well, it ain't everything, man. There are other things you can do, you dig? You can play with Lego. You can eat ice cream in the park. USE YOUR IMAGINATION, dear reader(s). There is a whole world of OPPORTUNITY out there!


Anything else?

The general election. Is there any way they can all lose? I think that would be the best result. / My only consolation is ... there is NOTHING anyone can do, about the country, any country. We are all doomed. Twenty thousand years from now the earth will be lovely, real lovely, untroubled. My prediction.

Music? I'm listening to John Lee Hooker. Yes, I'm a crawlin' king snake and I rules my den. Oh, I've got the blues so bad! Well, no, actually, I'm all right today.

Guitar? Man, I've been thinking it's a BAD idea to become an all-round guitarist ... someone who can play everything in all styles. I'm going to focus on rock/pop rhythm and basic lead guitar - and try to become really good at that shit. However, I don't need finger-picking, tapping, sweep-picking, rhythm with bass notes in the folk style, none of that! / Forget about Jeff Beck! B.B. King? He's a great lead guitarist, but "they" say ... he doesn't know any chords! So he can't play rhythm. And The Edge? Great at rhythm. But he doesn't know much about lead. Well, he can play a bit. Achtung Baby is all right.


Whisky and women almost wrecked my life ... I had a lot of money at one time.

I love YOU(!) too hard to leave you.