Thursday, 2 April 2015

Michel Massoud, vibrating in a lonely cosmos?

Yes, I should think so. I mean, I don't see why not. With this new Melqart Asset Management hedge fund of his. 'Melqart, what? Eh?' What's your problem, Voice? 'How is this "Michel Massoud" character vibrating in a lonely cosmos, exactly?!' He used to work at Cheyne Capital, man. 'Oh.' Yeah. He was a partner. Event-driven strategies. Whatever they are. 'Oh. That's all right, then, boss.' Well, I'm glad you approve.

The fund will be launched later ... 'After your cup of tea and slice of Battenberg cake?' No, later, later! Later in the year. Michel isn't ready yet. 'He's like you with your demo!' Don't have a go at him, Voice. He was at Cheyne for nine years. He's probably nervous about going on his own. It's a scary world out there. 'Well, yeah, it's a lonely cosmos.' Of course it is! Michel knows what he's doing.


That's it. The weekend. Easter. / I'm watching the leaders' crap on TV. Miliband is looking like the man, for me. He gives the impression that he's not in politics for himself. (I could be wrong.) He looks like the PM, with Cameron lost on the sidelines. / And the others? Farage is a tad hysterical, and he wants to live in the 1950s, 1930s, I don't know. Cameron wants to be a spiv (well, he is). Clegg is just desperate to survive. And I don't know about the ladies ... they seem all right, I suppose. I like the Scottish one, Sturgeon. / Oh, I don't know if I'll be voting. I'm worried that the person/party I vote for will make a mug of me.

Anyway, later(s), crocodile(s).

Update Monday 6th: I'm taking this week off, blog fans. I'll see you again next Monday (13th), probably. / I need a rest, and I'm going to try to record my songs. So, even laters, then.