Monday, 13 April 2015

Who on earth is Jaimi Goodfriend?

['For those about to blog, I salute you!']

Right, I'm back! (And in black! Well, I'm wearing a black fleece thing.) Uh, Monday morning. Who is this Jaimi Goodfriend? You won't believe me, dear reader(s), BUT(!) ... she's going to be teaching Stevie Cohen's new trading interns/slaves in some cockamamie training academy he's just set up at Point72. 'Amazing, boss!' Oh, hello, Voice. / Yeah, I'm not having a go at her though. I've looked at her LinkedIn profile and she seems a nice bird.

But, but ... I'm wondering about our Stevie. I mean, why does he need this? 'He doesn't have to pay them, the poor trainees ... like me.' We don't know that, Voice. We'll have to find out. 'Hang on ...' What? 'Hang on, Mikey ... / ... / ... / ... Er, yeah, Stevie is paying them, boss, it says here.' Where? 'Here!' All right. How much is Stevie paying them, then? 'Er ... it doesn't say.' Christ! Well, that's no good, man. It could be peanuts. Lunch money. Bus fare.

Never mind. / Maybe they'll get something out of it, the lucky slaves. Some "experience". 'Ha!' It's the way the world of work is today, son. Just watch Nightcrawler. 'I don't need to watch Nightcrawler. It's my life.' Shut up! You barely have a life.


[Enough finance! I've got to get back in the groove.]

Music? Oh, I'm listening to AC/DC, Back in Black. Last week, I bought their Live at River Plate DVD, which is a brilliant concert. / Angus Young is another great guitarist. I'm starting to think it's all subjective though. The important thing, I suppose, is to ... just be able to play, you dig? You know, without embarrassing yourself.

My music? I didn't record my songs last week. I tried, I really tried, but it didn't happen. 'Oh dear.' But I'm not too depressed about it, man. 'Good!' I'm going to commit myself to the nuclear option, the John Coltrane option. There is no other way! I want to be immersed in music.

My guitar? Rockin' in the free world? 'I salute you, Mikey!' What do you think, dear reader(s)? / I know chords all over the fretboard now. I'm talking bar(re) chords. Also, I've expanded my knowledge of the scales ... all over, notes everywhere! / And, after studying the AC/DC DVD, I've been able to come up with some riffs like theirs, chords like Highway to Hell. 'Wow!' That stuff isn't rocket science, reader(s), but it sounds good, especially with distortion. However, the neighbours will probably tell you something else ...