Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Peter Hargreaves wants to spend more time with his racehorses

Well, well ... / Yeah, our Pete has stepped down from the board of Hargreaves Lansdown. / Good luck, son! You deserve a rest. 'And his family, boss.' What, Voice? 'Mr Hargreaves wants to spend more time with his family as well.' How do you know that? 'Well ... it's natural, ain't it?' Is it?! Animals are nicer than humans. 'Tigers?' What?! 'Are tigers nicer than humans?' Yes ... if you don't upset them. And I really love their tiger feet. 'Oh.' Don't start bad-mouthing tigers to me, Voice. Any animal that burns brightly in the forests of the night is all right by me. 'That's tygers.' Same thing, man. Tigers, tygers, who cares?!


Oh, I'm not much in the mood for finance today. I shouldn't have had that week off. A taste of freedom can be lethal!

However, I promise THREE financial posts tomorrow! (!!!). I'll give it my best shot, anyway.

Maybe I should turn this blog into a music blog. 'A politics blog, Mikey!' I hate politics!

I've been thinking about how I will feel if the Tories get a majority. You know what, dear reader(s)? I don't think I care, honestly. If the people of this country want to live in a Mad Max society, with deranged killers on the motorways, and black leather, Mohican haircuts, let them have it! I'm tough enough and psychotic enough to survive.

Music? I'm listening to Al Green. Yeah. Sunny morning. Why not? Nice warm music. Let's stay together!

[Finance is full of unrealistic mofos. Mofos who thought their ass would age like wine.]

My music? I tried recording last night. Still no joy. It's so frustrating. I seem to make at least one mistake at every attempt - or there's some idiot shouting in the street or revving up his motorbike. / He looks like a pussy, actually. He may think he's hard, but I doubt he'll survive Cameron's brave new world.