Thursday, 21 May 2015

Timothy Shaughnessy is the new chief operating officer at Point72

[Was there an old COO? I don't know. Stevie Cohen's Point72 is expanding so fast. Surely, it'll be managing outside money soon?] / By the way, it's Tim, or Timmy, dear reader(s). It all depends on how well you know the guy. I hardly know him at all, so I'm going to call him Mr Shaughnessy.

Well, well ... / The thing that worries me is, our Timmy has been working at IBM for the last thirty-three years. (He's what you might call a "veteran".) He knows all about computers and data and shit. Uh. It's pretty obvious that our Stevie is getting into computers in a big way now. And that could be dangerous. I mean, look at Man Group. HAL controls everything in that firm. Staff can't even go to the toilet without HAL watching them. Is that what Stevie wants?

NO! What we need, what everyone needs, what Point72 needs, man, is good old-fashioned human trading and fund management. Did I go into the desert with the blood and fire just so we can hand everything over to the computers and robots? NO! Did I get DIZZY(!) all a-ROUND with more than three hundred conceptual posts just so ... you understand, dear reader(s), yeah?

Oh, let me have my lunch, and I'll see what I can do, later. No. 318. [Egg sandwich, luxury, the best money can buy. McCoy's crisps, cheese and onion: in my experience, you can't have salt and vinegar with an egg sandwich. Can of Coke. Peach yoghurt.] YOU(!) probably think I'm crazy. However, I honestly believe that guys like Timmy and Stevie can be affected by the spinning. It can change them. I've just got to lure them in ...

I am building it. They will come!


Music? I'm listening to a seventeen-minute-long Neil Young song, Ramada Inn. People don't write great songs these days (with the exception of me, of course) but this is a recent classic. Check it out on YouTube or something. I haven't got the link. I can't do everything for you, son (daughter).

Lunch? I'm starving!