Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A new global FX trading platform!

Yippee! A new global FX trading platform! Just what the world needs at this moment! 'Are you being sarcastic, boss?' No. 'Oh. Okay.' Ha! Here we are -

September 10, 2018, London, UK - Exegy Inc., the leading provider of managed services and low-latency technology for market data normalization and distribution, and Transaction Network Services (TNS), a leader in global managed data communications and interoperability solutions, announce a partnership in offering a global FX trading platform.

Yes, it's a PR email. Oh, she says I can speak to someone at TNS, if I want to. 'Who says that?!' Ha! Clare does, Voice. The PR lady. But they turned me down for a job years ago, so I think I'll wait until hell freezes over. No hard feelings though. 'Ha!' I'm still doing this post, ain't I? 'Yeah. Oh, er ... she may be the PR lady, boss, but she works at TNS, you know.' Does she?! 'Read down at the bottom of the email.' Uh. Okay. Okay. Well, never mind. Life's too short to hold grudges. 'Hey! No endorsement, boss.' Of course not! Let the reader(s) make up their own minds!

The new offering combines TNS' excellence in market connectivity and hosting solutions and Exegy's Trade Port FX which delivers normalized FX market data and execution services to major FX venues as a fully managed and integrated FX trading platform.

And that's great, obviously. It's just a shame that TNS can't spot geniuses who apply for jobs. I'm pretty sure I got 100 per cent on their cockamamie test, you know. 'Let it go, boss.' I'm just saying, man, that's all.

"Exegy is excited to be working with TNS to create a global, state-of-the-art FX trading platform," said Exegy Sales Director in Europe and Asia Carlos Lopez Lansdowne. "TNS' global presence, renowned reputation for superior customer service, coupled with Exegy's FX market data and order execution solutions will deliver better performance, lower total cost, and a disruptive new model in the FX industry."

Carlos, mate, are you really that excited? Whatever. / Oh, hang on! Bill wants to say something. Well, he's already said it, actually, but now he wants it reported on my blog. My blog! 'Bill who?' Bill Versen, Voice. He's the chief product officer at TNS. 'Ha! Tell him to do one!' No, no. I said I don't hold grudges.

Bill Versen, Chief Product Officer at TNS, said: "We're delighted to be working with Exegy to launch this new global FX trading platform. Our extensive hosting infrastructure enables us to make it easier for the trading community to access vital services, such as Exegy's Trade Port FX solution, while gaining additional business benefits at the same time."

Right. Delighted. I was hoping he would be excited, like our Carlos. 'Or thrilled.' Yes, or thrilled. But I guess we'll have to accept "delighted" if it's the only thing on offer. FFS!

Well, well ... 'You could delete this post, boss, if you feel bad about it, like.' No. 'Are you sure?' Listen, I don't care about TNS, Voice, but I'm doing this for my mate Carlos at Exegy. He's the good guy in all this. A bit about the company to finish with -

Exegy provides best-of-breed technology and managed services for the normalization and distribution of real-time market data to a diverse set of elite firms in the financial services industry. Today Exegy serves as a strategic partner to leading exchange and ATS operators, market makers, sell-side banks, buy-side asset managers, and proprietary traders. At the heart of Exegy's product line are purpose-built, hardware-accelerated appliances derived from an extensive portfolio of patented and patent-pending technology.

And ... ENDS!!!