Sunday, 23 September 2018

Sunday thoughts

Okay, okay. / Er, I don't have any, uh ... Sunday thoughts, dear reader(s), but I'll see what I can do for you. 'Why are you writing this today, boss?' Because I feel like it, Voice. 'Oh.' And I'll be working on a big conceptual the whole day tomorrow. A masterpiece, hopefully. 'Nice one!' Let's hope so, man.

Right. To start off with, I better put some music on. It's a pretty grim Sunday, and I'm not doing this without music. Let's see ... 'Put David Sylvian on, boss.' No. Shut up, idiot. I can't decide. Actually, while I'm trying to decide, I'll put one song on repeat, Blood Hound by 50 Cent. I'm not crazy about him, but I really like this track. / So ... give me a minute, reader(s).

Okay, Okay. I'm listening to Marquee Moon by Television. I haven't listened to this album for years.

Right. What do you want to talk about, kook(s)? 50 Cent? Okay. My favourite rap song is actually by him and The Game, Hate It or Love It. I don't listen to rap as much as I did years ago, but I have about fifty rap albums. Not all of them are on my Windows media player or smart phone though. / 2Pac is still the best, man! I have most of his stuff, including the Thug Life group album.

Brexit? No, no. Forget about it! I'm sick of it! I'm looking after number one from now on. 'Who's that then?' Me, idiot!

Yeah. I used to go through periods. Like a jazz period, where I bought about a dozen Miles Davis albums. I haven't listened to him in a while. Oh, an AC/DC period. Maybe I should put Powerage on. That's a great album. And a Led Zeppelin period, which I sort of regret. I only like a couple of their songs. 'What period are you in now, boss?' Ha! Just the Michael Fowke period, Voice. That's it. Looking after number one, you dig?

[Of course, a few periods last a lifetime, on and off ... The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan.]

Why are we talking about music? 'Let's talk about Brexit, boss!' Get lost! Seriously.

I've had enough of this "cool" New York Television muck! What else can I put on? 'The Strokes!' Ha! No, no. Christ!

The song Jump by Van Halen, for a laugh, while I decide, like. Er, no. / My eyes hurt! I think I'm getting a migraine. 'Take some pills, man.' Well, I've been abusing the Anadin Extra lately. I'm not sure I should risk it again.

Ah! Consider Yourself from Oliver! Yes, yes, yes! I bloody love this tune! I'm just going to listen to it on repeat, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND ... until this post is finished or the neighbours call the cops. 'You'll drive yourself crazy, boss!' Ha! So? Who will notice? / Reader(s), I've told you about Lionel Bart and the urn stuffed full of cash, haven't I? Yes. Big mistake!

Brexit? Okay. FFS! If you insist. Nigel Farage was shouting from an open-top bus yesterday at two men and their dogs in the street. It was on Channel Four News.

Okay. Finance? Finance?! Finance?!?!?! 'Oh, is there any financial news, boss?' No. 'Are you sure?' Yes.

Listen ... one day, I'll be free of all this. Believe me. Please.

Okay. Laters! 'Where are the thoughts?!' Ha!