Monday, 10 September 2018

Get physical in a different way!

We've done the mental, to perfection! We've got to get physical, dear reader(s). In a different way. Well, I've got to. I mean, it's not all in the mind or soul, you know. Life!

When you say something and someone looks at you like you're nuts. Or looks at me. That's fine, man. That's normal, for us. But we need to add to it ... something physical, where people will look at our excessive or unusual activity and say, "That's nuts!" You dig?

There's no future in a normal life now. Mental or physical. Normality is a busted flush. Maybe it was wonderful for our grandparents. But their world don't exist no more, kook(s).

Feel different.

Look different.

Seem different.

Talk different.

Walk different.

You are different!

You are not the same!!!

In alienation there is freedom. You don't want to be like the others, do you? Stuck in their awful jam? No thank you!

These words are from my mind, obviously. Maybe you have similar words. But not the same words. Oh, hopefully. / Listen! Now we must roll on the floor and drool. Do it! Let the others understand - or not understand, even better - just what sort of human beings they are dealing with. Freaks of nature!

Someone once said to Jackson Pollock, "You should paint from nature." He replied, "I am nature."

Do you see? And do you actually dig it?

We can be nature now, all of it ... in our own way. Forget what the others are doing.

[One important thing: Don't be different like me, and I won't be different like you.

Let's have a bit of respect!]

Life is too short. It's also too long, if you know what I mean. It all depends ...

Don't be a fool!

One day, we will not worry. There will be no sadness in our eyes. We will be strong. Too strong to stop.

Let's make it happen!