Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Uh, just, uh ... you dig?

That's how I'm feeling today.

So, uh ... oh, I'm listening to the audiobook of Be Obsessed Or Be Average - for a change, like. I prefer The 10X Rule, but I know that one inside out.

Yeah, I need motivating, dear reader(s). No big deal. I'm a bit tired, that's all. I suppose I shouldn't do two big blogging days, back to back. I mean, it's those conceptual posts that wear me out.

Financial news? No, I'm not writing about finance, if you don't mind.

Elon Musk news? No. I haven't got the energy to keep up with all the drama, you dig? Just thinking about Elon wears me out. His problems. Imagine what it feels like actually being him.

I was going out, but it started raining. Then it stopped. It doesn't matter. Minder is on TV later. 'What about guitar practice, boss?' Yeah, yeah, I've been doing it, Voice. But now I'm doing this, blogging again, for my sins. / I see my light come shining ...

Okay, okay. Cardone is ranting about obsession. No surprise there. I'm obsessed with recording my three best songs, the world-beaters. Man, I went through hell to write them, so I've got to make the recordings "special". But not today. Maybe next week.

I've got another small song to finish. (I wrote the tune the other week, remember?) When it's done, that'll be it for the album, so I'll be free to work on world-beaters only. Songs that only I can write ... because I don't have much enthusiasm for "average" songs now. Elon knows what I'm talking about.


If you're doing something, creating something ... that's not the best of its type in all human history ... what's the fucking point?

Think about that, reader(s). And don't kid yourself.


No, I don't like this one. I'm putting The 10X Rule on. I've got to stick to one audiobook on a loop. Otherwise I'm going to get confused. 'What about the Vance/Musk one, boss?' Well, it's a biography, man. I don't know if it's as useful as a pure motivational one.


Okay, okay. 10X is off now.

Actually, these books can only offer a bit of support when you feel weak and down.

The important thing ... is making THE DECISION to cut yourself off from normal life. Normality is for losers - or small-time winners, who are basically losers.

Don't kid yourself.

Do you know what I mean? It should be easy to do, for me. The last time I genuinely enjoyed normal life was ... well, maybe the holidays I had in Selsey with my grandparents in the 1970s. 'Brexit, Mikey! Space Dust! Top Deck shandy!' Shut up, idiot! / But I wasn't a thinker then, was I? Never mind.

[By the way, I've had great moments in Cornwall in recent years when I've just let myself go and enjoyed the moment(s). However, I don't know how "normal" I was.]

Okay. Laters, kook(s).