Monday, 17 September 2018

Lehman Brothers collapse, ten years ago

Yes, ten years ago. And now it's, uh ... ten years on, apparently. I've got to admit, dear reader(s), I haven't been thinking about it. I don't go in for financial nostalgia. However, I've received a PR email, you see, and they want to talk about it. 'Who, boss?! Who wants to talk about it?' Oh, this London-based investment firm. 'Okay. Which firm?' It doesn't matter, man. It could be any firm. They just want to know how bankers can regain public trust, that's all. 'Ha! It won't be easy.' They say the financial crash of 2008 perpetuated the stereotype that all investors and bankers are fat cats who are only in business for themselves. 'Isn't that true then?' I don't know, man. But they want to change their image now and demonstrate all the initiatives and good that comes from the financial sector.

Uh. Well, okay, okay. Regain public trust? Actually, it could be very easily done, but I'm not sure that many bankers will want to hear it. 'Tell them, boss!' Well, they could donate food or money to all the food banks that we have these days. Or maybe volunteer part-time in one of them, handing out food to the millions of people who have had their lives destroyed by austerity. 'Oh. A bit political there, boss. You're like Ben Elton, without the jokes. Tell us a joke!' No, idiot. Shut up! This is serious. / Now, you know me, dear reader(s). I ain't saying that bankers can't make money no more and live their fancy lifestyles. Why would I say that?!?! I'm only saying you should realize that bankers haven't paid the price for the 2008 financial crash. The poor who had fuck all to do with it paid the price, you dig? How many people have died after benefit cuts? How many ill or disabled people have committed suicide? Think on!


Anyway, let's forgive and forget. I'm sure the bankers are very sorry and everything 'Ha!' Yeah.

Anything else? 'Brexit?' Oh, for fuck's sake! Are you serious? 'Come on, Mikey! What's the latest?' The latest is, the rich are going to make a fortune from the engineered collapse of Great Britain. 'And who's going to suffer?' Oh, wake up, son! Who do you think?

Fuck! I'm only glad that I'm apolitical and don't care about politics at all. 'Ha!' Yes. Give me a guitar, and I'll be happy. 'But you've got three chords and the TRUTH, man!!!' Maybe, Voice, maybe. We'll see.