Monday, 3 September 2018

Readly raises €10 million for next stage of global expansion

I should think about doing that, you know. 'What, boss?' Oh, hello, Voice! I was just thinking I should raise a few million pounds for the, uh ... next stage of global expansion. 'Eh?' For this blog, man. 'Oh. Really?' No, not really. Ha! / Anyway, we've got this -

Readly, the global digital magazine newsstand, today announced it has raised €10m in additional funding to drive the next stage of its growth. The latest round of funding comes from new investor Swedish fund Swedbank Robur and London based Zouk Capital. The company will use the funds to further its international expansion and support growth in its existing markets.

And, uh ... "today" was a few days ago. Last week sometime. 'When?' Er, Thursday, I think. I received the PR email just as I was writing the last post of last week. So I couldn't use it then. 'Oh.' But I'm using it now. Thank God for PR emails! 'Most journalists hate them, boss.' Ha! I'm not a journalist. 'What are you then?' The technical term? 'Yes.' A lazy bastard. 'Oh, okay.' Well, not really. I work hard. I do. All my hard work goes into piss-taking though. 'Don't forget your conceptuals.' Oh, yes, the hardest work of all! The spinning a-ROUND with millions of words in my consciousness ness ness. It ain't for wimps, dear reader(s). / Anyway, let's continue ...

"Reading magazines digitally has become second nature as the demand for quality, curated content via the smartphone or tablet grows. The funding reflects confidence in our business model, team and market. It plays an important role in ensuring Readly fulfils its vision to be at the forefront of digital publishing by reaching a wider audience with the very latest in digital magazines across both new and existing markets. We are delighted with the continued support of our investors", says Jorgen Gullbrandson, CEO of Readly.

Well, well ... / He's delighted! Our Jorgen is delighted. I knew he would be. 'Or excited, boss.' Yes, Voice. These characters are either going to be delighted or excited. 'Or thrilled.' Er ... occasionally. I think they're thrilled occasionally. 'It probably happens more than we're aware of, that they're thrilled, like.' Maybe. However, I still say that delighted and excited are the two main emotional states. 'What's the difference?' Er ... well, you would have to ask them. 'Yeah.' You could argue that delighted and excited and thrilled are all the same thing. 'Maybe they should stick to one word, boss. Or would that be boring?' I don't think we could have everyone being delighted only. Or excited only. Or thrilled only. It would start to look a bit strange, as if they were following some sort of guide. Let's stick with all three words!

Okay, okay. There's a lot of this email. It's actually too early on a Monday morning to do all of it. So I think I'll just finish with this bit on Zouk, a firm that is based in London -

Zouk Capital is a private equity and infrastructure fund manager investing in the sustainable economy. Zouk's distinctive dual-track strategy of technology growth and infrastructure capitalizes on the investment opportunities created by the global shift to greater resource efficiency. Zouk's Growth Capital funds invest in high growth technology companies that use information technology to deliver resource efficiency. Our Infrastructure investment funds finance the construction of new high-yielding assets, by acquiring, developing and funding late-stage renewable energy infrastructure projects. Zouk has invested in the sustainable economy since 2000, has €600m under management and is headquartered in London.

There you go, dear reader(s). Are you happy now? Good.


Anything else? No. Laters.