Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The end of literature

Okay, okay. Are YOU(!) paying attention? / Whether you realize it or not, dear reader(s), yesterday's conceptual post, No. 645, was the end of literature. [Obviously, idiots will continue to write their novels, short stories, poems, plays ... but what's the fucking point?! Seriously.] After eleven years, it's my greatest achievement on this blog. Of course, I will continue to write the conceptuals - out of habit and an insane stubbornness - but there are no new developments to come in this form. / One day, I'll stop writing Money is the way altogether. Believe me. PLEASE!!! Or I'll just write the occasional post about my albums and tours. You dig?


Financial news? Is that still happening? I haven't noticed. 'Any PR emails, boss?' No, Voice. I could do with one from those awful Coutts, but they've gone off me, I think.

Music? Guitar? Well, I think to play the guitar properly you need to get your state of mind right. Sometimes I can practice for hours and still play like shit. Or I'll not practice at all and then play really smoothly with no mistakes. So, uh ... maybe I should get some of that BoomBoom. 'Eh?! What boom, uh ... boom, boss?!' Christ! The stuff that Jordan Belfort was going on about. You stick it up your nose. It's for state management. 'Oh, that.' It might work.

Anything else? I'm not really in the mood for writing this morning. A bit of a comedown from yesterday's high, you know. 'Brexit?' Brexit?! 'Yeah, Brexit. Go on.' All right. It looks like we can't trust the Conservatives or Labour to do the right thing. It seems as if both parties are on a crazy suicide mission now. Unbelievable!

That's all I've got to say about Brexit.


Music? What am I listening to? Here's a clue: the greatest album recorded so far this century. 'Er ...' Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. 'Oh.' Yes. I'm wondering if Mark Ronson would like to produce my first album ...

Oh, uh ... Sunday night/Monday morning, I dreamt a new tune. The fragment I sang into my Zoom H2n Handy recorder thing wasn't too good though. I lost most of it. Never mind. You win some, you lose some. / Actually, I still only have thirteen songs because I reject so many ideas. I'm not sure how prolific I'm going to be in the future. But I have a theory that this blog is holding me back, man. I mean, think of the progress Elon could make with his rockets if he wasn't messing around with those electric cars. He'd already be on Mars.

Okay, okay. No. 646 coming later. Laters!