Thursday, 20 September 2018


Okay, okay. / Ha! Yes, dear reader(s), there's, uh ... going to be a Brexit investment exodus. 'What?! Who says, boss?' Luke Davis says, Voice. 'Oh. And who is Luke Davis, when he's at home?' Shut up! When he's at work, Voice, Luke is the founder and CEO of alternative investment firm, IW Capital. 'Really?' Yes. 'Okay.' Apparently, it has been revealed that one in nine investment professionals plan to leave the UK after Brexit. 'Oh dear. / I presume this is a PR email. What does Luke say about it then?' Well, he says -

"Men and Brexiters will fight ya down when ya see Jah light. Let me tell you if you're not wrong, well, everything is all right. So we gonna walk through the roads of creation. We the generation tread through great tribulation. In this exodus, good God almighty, movement of Jah people. Exodus!"

You see? And, er ... 'He said that?!' Yes, Voice. 'Are you sure, boss?' Well, yes. Then he ended the email with -

"We're leaving Babylon. We're going to the European Union. In this exodus, movement of Jah people. Exodus!"

Exodus! What can I say? Luke's just a crazy guy, man. 'Yeah, yeah. Boss, what's this then? -'

Luke is of the opinion that: "The UK, but particularly London, rely heavily on the financial services industry, and if 11% of employees in this sector did leave the UK after Brexit, it would have wider implications on the economy than just a loss of resources. Financial services is a major party of our economy, and to lose over 10% of the workforce in this area would have extreme effects on our economic prospects today, and in the future. Sectorial leaders need to continue to make the UK financial industry attractive to employees to minimize the potential fallout that Brexit may cause."

Er ... 'That's from the actual email, isn't it, boss?' Yes, Voice. 'And you made that other stuff up, didn't you? Bloody fake news!' Uh ... well, yes, Voice. 'Jesus H. - !' Leave me alone, man. I'm only trying to have a bit of fun. Christ!


And that's all the "fun" for this week, dear reader(s). I hope you have a nice weekend. Laters!