Thursday, 30 August 2018

Okay, okay

Last post of the week. No finance. So what?

I'm a bit late this morning. 'Eh?' Oh, not too late! / I was adjusting the structure of my new tune. It's fine now. I just need a lyric. There's no rush, man.

2,321,524. What's that? Are you wondering? Well, it's the number of words in my blog, dear reader(s). And I've deleted loads of posts over the years, too. 'The conceptual posts inflate that number.' What, Voice?! 'The conceptual posts, boss. All that repetition.' Oh. Okay, okay. Give me a minute. [A minute passes.] 1,354,338. 'What's that?' Ah! It's the number of words in the conceptual posts. 'Okay.' Now: 2,321,524 minus 1,354,338 equals ... 967,186 words of "regular" writing. 'Great! / So, what's your point, man?' Er ... no point, really. 'Oh.' Only ... it's going to help with my future lyric writing, all this experience with words, you dig? 'Yes, I dig.' Good.

You see, when I was younger and writing songs, apart from school English essays and a bit of poetry, reader(s), I had no experience of using words, uh, much. And the same goes for most songwriters, I should imagine. 'Ha!' I mean, just look at the state of most pop lyrics! Do you know what I mean? 'Yeah.' It's just an advantage, that's all. You've got to exploit every advantage you can.


Well, well ... / I haven't got much to write about this morning. No finance, like. I'm not actually in the mood for it, again. Oh, a PR email just came through. But I don't care! 'Save it until next week, boss.' Yeah. Maybe. 'Or delete it. Who cares?!' Ha!

Okay. Okay. Should I go out after lunch or stay in? That is the question. 'Not exactly Hamlet, is it?' Shut up! It's a serious matter. I could stay in and play my guitar or ... it's looking a bit like summer outside. 'Yippee! Go out, Mikey!' I don't know, man. 'Walk to Richmond, like the other week.' How do you know about that? 'I was watching you.' Christ! Can't I have any privacy, Voice? 'But I'm your spirit guide!' Ha! Yeah, yeah. Whatever. FFS!

Right. Have a nice weekend, crocodile(s). 'Later(s), alligator(s)!' Yeah, bye!