Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The IGF ... ?!

Are they a football firm? ... you're probably wondering, dear reader(s). Well, no, they're not, actually. 'They're very peaceful, boss.' Of course they are, Voice! / IGF stands for Independent Growth Finance. 'Yes!' And we've got some news. 'Yippee!' Calm down, man. 'It's news, boss! Financial news!' Yes, yes. Here we are -

Independent Growth Finance (IGF), a leading independent commercial finance provider, today announces strong year-on-year growth in the year to June 2018, with a 76% increase in funds advanced to SMEs across the UK. 

To support current and future business growth, during September IGF will relocate its Head Office to new premises in Redhill, Surrey. The move and significant increase in Funds In Use underline the continued expansion and success of IGF's Asset Based Lending capabilities. IGF is backed by private equity firm Spring Ventures, who recently substantially increased their commitment in the Company, directly supporting this sustained growth.

Nice one! 'They're relocating!' Yes. And not one person will be getting their head kicked in. 'They're very peaceful, boss.' I know, Voice, I know.

IGF provides flexible funding solutions to UK SMEs, powering their freedom and helping them achieve their growth aspirations. With a deep understanding of business requirements, IGF offers proven, trusted expertise. IGF has an excellent reputation for  delivery within transactions (MBIs / MBOs), refinancing requirements, restructuring activities and viable turnaround proposals. With progressive solutions recently provided to Penta Foods Ltd., EPI Group, and Thane Direct UK Ltd. 

You see? They're lovely people. [Even if they can't spell. I hate correcting PR emails.] / So, uh ... I'm just wondering what John Onslow has got to say about it all. 'Oh. Who's he? The top boy?' Er, no. Ha! He's the chief executive of the IGF. 'Oh, right.' Yes.

John Onslow, CEO of IGF said: "The last Financial Year has seen another strong performance for IGF. Our Asset Based Lending proposition continues to excel as we provide flexible finance solutions to ambitious growth companies. We're committed to helping our clients find the right solution for their business. Over the coming months we are looking to double the size of our Asset Based Lending Sales team, seeking aspirational people who want to be a part of our growth story. The office move to Redhill will provide the right environment to continue our significant growth. As we look forward to the coming year and future expansion, we are very pleased to have the continued support and substantial backing of Spring Ventures."

Okay, okay. Thanks, John, mate! See you Saturday! 'Saturday?! Are you going to the game, boss?' Ha! Maybe.


Right. Anything else? My music? I've got a new tune, man! 'Yippee!' Uh. Louder, Voice. 'YIPPEE!!!' That's better. / Yes, I can always get a new tune when I need one. But did I Straight Line it? Well, I always work a certain way, anyway. I suppose you could say I operate on a straight line ...

Okay. Okay. Well ... laters, you dig?