Monday, 20 August 2018

What should Elon Musk do now?

Okay, okay ... / Well, he's been having a meltdown, our Elon, over the last week (or two). He needs to get a grip, and fast! So, at the very least, he should get a chief operating officer for Tesla, someone he can trust, like Gwynne Shotwell at SpaceX. That would take a lot of pressure off him. Personally, though - and this is the nuclear option - I think he should consider selling all his Tesla stock (20 per cent) and then invest that money in SpaceX. 'What, boss?!' Yes, Voice. 'Why?!' And he needs to forget about saving the human race. 'What?!?!' Because it can't be saved, man. 'Oh.' We will destroy ourselves sooner or later, either on earth or on Mars. 'So there's no point in going to Mars then?!' Well ... Elon should still do it, but for himself, you dig? Putting human beings on Mars would be the greatest achievement in human history, and it would be his achievement. He needs to think of himself now. Julius Caesar only thought of himself. I'm only thinking of myself. [Elon, mate, be selfish! Look after number one!] Elon's too nice. That's his problem. 'Are you sure about this, boss?' Christ! Elon needs to get to Mars before someone else does. Before NASA, maybe. [Do it! Do it now!] 'Yeah. Or Jeff Bezos.' Ha, ha, ha! For fuck's sake, Voice! You crack me up. What have I told you about Jeff? 'Er ...' Listen, he ain't going to no freakin' Mars, son. He ain't capable.


Anyway ... uh, our Elon will be all right (if he can stay healthy). He's got the billionaire mindset. If Tesla and SpaceX collapsed today, and Elon found himself living on the street, I know what he would do. 'What?' He would go around collecting old bottles and cans. 'Er ... why would he do that, boss?!' BECAUSE(!!!) ... he could sell them, man, for recycling. 'Oh.' And after a month he would have enough money to rent an office. 'Okay. That's clever.' Then he would set up a new business and live in that office. 'Brilliant!' Within ten years, Elon would be a billionaire again. 'Wow!' Yeah. Big time.

It's all about having the right mindset, dear reader(s), you dig? And taking massive action, obviously. / I've been thinking this weekend that I've never heard other people - strangers to me, I mean - discuss the concept of massive action. Despite all the books, and seminars, and internet articles hardly anyone knows about it. And of the few people who do know about it ... how many actually follow through and live the lifestyle? 'I don't know, boss.' Well, I wouldn't be surprised if it were only 1 per cent. It gives you a MASSIVE unfair advantage in the world if you know about it and do it. / By the way, it's not quite the same thing as hard work, in my opinion. A lot of people work hard, for a while. Then they play hard, and goof off. 'Ha!' Forget about playing, man. Be serious, dear reader(s)!!!