Thursday, 23 August 2018

Electric Nigeria

Or electric rural Nigeria, anyway. Like when Dylan ditched his acoustic guitar at the Newport Folk Festival and did a really wild version of Maggie's Farm. 'What's this, boss?!' PR email, Voice. 'Oh. Nice.' Yeah. / So, uh ...

Frankfurt, 21.08.2018 - The Nigerian Agricultural Bank, Bank of Agriculture and the African electricity supplier Daystar Power have entered into a comprehensive cooperation for rural electrification in Nigeria. The cooperation includes the supply of solar power to the bank branches as well as a concept for the supply of electricity to rural Nigeria. Since 1972, the Bank of Agriculture has been Nigeria's leading financial institution committed to rural development. The cooperation partner Daystar Power is a foundation of the Africa Venture Builder Sunray Ventures of the German founders Christian Wessels and Jasper Graf von Hardenberg.

Okay, okay. / Of course, you've always got to worry when you get emails like this ... but it's fine, dear reader(s). Honestly. Perfectly fine. Which is refreshing.

The cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Nigeria, Regina Hess, and the Senior Ministerial Council of the Internationalization Department of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology, Ulrich Rieger. As part of the collaboration, Daystar Power will install solar power systems at the Bank of Agriculture's 158 locations and develop and operate solar power solutions for rural areas in Nigeria.

You see, reader(s)? Perfectly fine. / Anyway, I'm just wondering what our Christian has got to say about it all. 'Who?' Our Christian, Voice. You know, Christian Wessels? 'Oh, him. Well, ask him!' Er ... well, yes, I could, I suppose. 'Go on then!' He might be busy, man. 'Christ! Just ask him. Get a mind connection going with him. Or even better - a soul connection!' Ha! I think I'll try for a mind connection, if that's all right with you ... / Ah! -

Christian Wessels, Managing Director of Sunray Ventures says: "In Nigeria there is a large gap between electricity production and demand. The rural population in particular suffers from a lack of reliable electricity supply, which has a negative impact on agricultural productivity. By supplying Nigeria's population with clean solar power, Daystar Power enables increased productivity and higher crop yields through better cooling. In this way we contribute to increasing prosperity for the local population."

Nice one! Thanks, Christian, mate! / Okay, okay ... lots of other voices are coming through now. 'Oh dear.' Regina Hess, Ulrich Rieger ... no, no, that's all right, guys. I've got everything I need. Thanks, anyway. Yeah, okay. Bye!

Christ! Uh. Oh, there's this on Daystar -

Daystar Power is a pan-African electricity company specializing in the generation of solar energy, with a focus on medium and small-scale solar systems (20KWp to 2 MWp). The plants are either sold or leased to customers. The user benefits from cost savings against payment of a monthly fee, from ensuring a stable power supply, emission-free energy production and the associated energy management of the operator. Unlike many other international solar companies, Daystar Power focuses on small, local technical units that provide a high level of service.

And ... END!


Anything else? Not at the moment, no. However, I'll be doing another post after lunch. For my sins, you dig?