Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tesla might go private

Yeah, it might. 'It might?!' It might. 'I think Tesla better go private, boss.' Oh, of course, Voice. Otherwise Elon Musk could find himself in trouble for stock manipulation. The shares went up over 10 per cent yesterday. I doubt he's too worried though. He's got a rocket. 'What does that mean?' I mean, man, if the SEC come after him, he can just fly away to Mars, and wave at them from the window: "See you later, losers! I'm out of here!" No problem. 'The SEC might go after him in a NASA rocket, boss.' Ha! What NASA rocket, Voice?! Don't worry about it. Seriously. 'Maybe the SEC will hire a rocket from Jeff Bezos.' Christ! Listen, son, all Jeff is good for is delivering parcels. If I want some new guitar strings by tomorrow morning, Jeff will be sure to get them to me, but forget about rockets. He hasn't got a clue.

[By the way, I hope Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund doesn't try and take over Tesla. That could be the end for Elon at the firm. But it would be a massive mistake getting rid of him. His name alone must count for half of the market cap. / Maybe Elon should concentrate on SpaceX. This world is nearly finished, man. We've got hothouse climate change, and pollution which is giving people heart disease. It's so depressing.]


Right. Okay, okay. Uh. Anything else? I'm worn out, actually. I need a holiday, dear reader(s). I'm not sure about Cornwall. I could just stay at home with a week off blogging. However, I wouldn't mind going to Looe. I haven't been there since 2012. (St Ives is my favourite location, as you know.) It was one of my best holidays. 'Oh, except for the wasps, Mikey, trying to run you off that cliff.' Yes, except for the wasps, Voice. I've written about this before. Regular readers will know. It was like a hardcore version of the Tony Robbins fire walk hot coals thing. I'm the sort of guy who doesn't like one fly in his house, so to be surrounded by thousands of wasps on a narrow coastal path was a bit of a nightmare. 'But you survived, man!' Yes. It's amazing what you can cope with when you have no choice. The worst bit was when I got myself into the "safety" of a field only to find even more thousands of wasps sitting on the bloody grass! It took me two minutes to get out of that situation. 'Unbelievable!' Yeah. Also, on that same holiday, I walked through about twenty cows that were blocking a gate. I thought nothing of it at the time, but apparently people get killed or badly injured by stampeding cows on a regular basis. I had no idea. It was the bulls I was worried about. Maybe I should stay in London.