Tuesday, 21 August 2018

DevOps in financial services

Right. Okay. This is interesting. Probably. 'PR email?' Of course. What else? 'It could be something from your sick imagination, boss.' Ha! No. Just a PR email ...

New research commissioned by managed services provider Claranet has revealed that there is significant appetite for embracing a DevOps approach to services in the financial services sector, with many looking to scale up their efforts as part of a wider application-first philosophy. Despite this, there are still hurdles to overcome if DevOps is to become the modus operandi in the sector, with a greater emphasis on cloud usage and automation needed if this is to be achieved.

Well ... interesting! You see, dear reader(s)? 'Yeah. What is DevOps though, boss?' Ha! I would have thought it was obvious what it was, Voice. 'Oh.' Ha, ha. Some of the things you ask me, man. Ha! Okay. Here's more -

The research report - Beyond Digital Transformation: Reality check for European IT and Digital leaders - analyzes the survey results of 750 IT professionals from across Europe. It found that 30 per cent of financial services organizations have already made the transition to a DevOps approach, with a further 61 per cent expected to make the switch over the next two years. This is a positive sign that businesses in the sector are looking to take full advantage of the software revolution and are taking steps to make themselves as agile as possible in a bid to improve the customer experience.

So, uh ... 'What is DevOps then? What does it mean, DevOps?! Come on!' Christ! Uh ... it stands for ... 'Yes?' Er ... well, deviant operations. 'What?!' Or something like that. I don't know. It's all tech stuff, ain't it? 'Jesus H. - !!! You're making it up as you go along.' Shut up! / Let's hear from John Hayes-Warren ...

Commenting on the findings, John Hayes-Warren, Head of Vertical Sectors at Claranet, said: "There is a clear desire amongst IT leaders in the finance sector to engage with a DevOps service delivery methodology more readily. The financial services sector is going through an unprecedented period of disruption so now more than ever, seizing and maintaining competitive advantage requires companies to be ambitious, adaptable, and open to fresh approaches. It is therefore encouraging that organizations are becoming more aware of the benefits that taking an application-centric focus can bring, in terms of greater business agility and increased operational efficiency."

Okay, okay. Uh ... 'What are vertical sectors, boss? Our John is the head of vertical sectors, for his sins.' I don't know, man. I really don't know. What's more, I don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss. All right?


Okay, okay ... / Let's discuss something I do understand. 'The world of spirit?' No. 'Pop music?' No. Planes. 'Planes.' Planes not taking off, and not landing, at Heathrow Airport, for two whole months. That's simple to understand, that is. And I know what it means. 'Tell us!' It means Brexit will fuck this country six ways from Sunday.

Laters. 'Ends.' Whatever.