Thursday, 2 August 2018

Massive action for the middle-aged

Okay, okay. Listen to me. / The concept of massive action makes more sense for middle-aged people than it does for young people. That's just my opinion, man. The harsh truth is, once you hit fifty ... you haven't got much to look forward to in life. So that's when you should go against the "normal" thing in society and just 10X everything. / When you're in your twenties and thirties you should be enjoying yourself. Forget about a career at that age. Only squares would be in the office on a sunny day when there's ice cream to eat in the park. You dig?

However, if you're middle-aged, like me ... the best way to avoid thoughts of death is to work all the time. / Look at Prabhupada! Oh, you don't know him, dear reader(s)? He was the founder of Krishna Consciousness. He was more or less a regular guy until the age of seventy when his wife sold his religious books to buy some fucking biscuits. Well, he went APESHIT!!! Prabhupada left his wife and family in India and bought a one-way ticket to America. He had seven dollars in his pocket. He actually had two heart attacks on the boat going over there. He just didn't care. And did he know anyone in America? Ha! No, not a soul. The guy didn't give a toss, man. / So what happened to him? Well, within twelve years (before he died) he opened 108 temples around the world, he started an incense business, he started the world's first chain of vegetarian restaurants, he recorded twenty albums of devotional music, he published a magazine that sold over a million copies an issue, he opened some primary schools, and he wrote roughly seventy books. Oh, he slept two or three hours a night. And all because his missus wanted a packet of biscuits.

So, over the next twenty years - which will take me to the age that Prabhupada was when he began the massive action lifestyle - I will become the greatest rock star and songwriter ever. Don't tell me it's impossible, dear reader(s). Like Elon Musk, I couldn't give two shits what is impossible. Believe me. / So, if you're young ... it's a lovely day today. The sun is shining. You can tell your boss to stuff his ridiculous job. Or her job. Right? Enjoy yourself! / But if you're old, if your best days are behind you ... then NOW(!!!) is the time for you to go absolutely nuts and just do the most outlandish shit you can think of. Be ambitious! Are you digging me on this? Because make no mistake, the Grim Reaper has got his eye on you.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. Laters!