Thursday, 9 August 2018

Edward Bramson wants to pick the next chairman of Barclays

[Update, Monday 13th: I'm taking a week off, dear reader(s). I'm not going anywhere, just staying in London, but I need a break from this awful blogging, you dig? See you next week!]

Or, uh ... he wants a say in whom the next chairman will be, anyway. 'Why, boss? Why?!' Ha! It's just Eddie's style, Voice. He buys a small percentage in a company, and then he thinks he can run it. 'Oh. How much of Barclays does he own?' 5.4 per cent. Which isn't bad, I suppose. / By the way, he tried to buy a stake in this blog. 'Really?' He wanted 2 per cent of it. 'Oh.' Yeah, but I was worried he would kick me out and put you in charge, Voice. 'Ha! Ha, ha, ha! This is a joke, right? I mean, it's fake news, right?' Yes, of course. It's a joke. Who would give you a position of responsibility? 'Well ...' It's just harmless fun. Don't get upset.

So, uh ... I haven't written about Mr Bramson for years. This is from 2011 -

Who do we want? Who do we want? Who do we want? 'For what, Mikey?' I hear you crying out all over the world. FOR WHAT? Who do we love? Who do we want to be the chairman of F&C Asset Management? Do we want the current chairman, Nick MacAndrew, who may be a wonderful guy, but who has never been burned, NOT ONCE IN HIS LIFE? Or do we want the great Edward Bramson of Sherborne Investors fame, who is not only a veteran of the astral plane, but who was once a close personal friend of the money god Big Herb when he was alive on this cold earth of ours?

You see? 'No wonder he wanted me to take over.' Ha! He didn't want you, idiot! I made it up! Christ!

Right. Well, okay ... now Eddie's going after John McFarlane (Barclays). What do these chairmen do to upset our Eddie so much? 'Crazy! He needs help.' Who, John? 'No, Eddie.' Yes. Maybe.

Never mind, eh?


Anything else? Er, not much. It's the last post of the week, and I'm knackered. I think it's those conceptual posts of mine. I really should cut down to one a week.

Brexit? Uh, okay. Bloody hell! No one wants it any more. It's basically a dead parrot. And yet the government and the opposition (such as it is) are still going full steam ahead for the iceberg. 'Jesus H. - !!!' / Dear reader(s), have you ever seen a dead parrot smash into an iceberg? It's not a pretty sight.

Music? My music? Oh, I don't want to record my songs yet. It's not just that I'm waiting for colder weather, man. I get this anxiety, you dig? It's hard to explain.

Never mind, eh? Laters!