Monday, 27 August 2018

Adopt a warrior mentality to overcome anxiety

Everyday life is a war. That's the way you've got to look at it. And if you don't approach everything with the mentality of a warrior, you're going to lose.

I've been thinking ... I doubt too many samurai warriors suffered from anxiety. They knew what the worst thing was, for them. Death in battle. Or having to commit suicide if facing dishonour. I'm sure they didn't worry too much about paying the electricity bill. Do you know what I mean? They didn't let every little problem or setback blow up in their mind to become a huge monster. Because that's what anxiety is: A HUGE MONSTER. Anxiety is an extreme exaggeration of every bad thing in your life. Or even any potential bad thing. And sometimes it's a complete illusion.

Also, you have to combine this warrior mentality with consistent massive action. If you stop acting for a moment, there's a danger that a softer mentality will creep in and take over. / So, get up at six in the morning. Or half six. Maybe five. Whatever you feel comfortable with. And start taking action. All day long. However, I think it's okay to stop at night, around ten. Give yourself a couple of hours to wind down before sleep. You'll be so exhausted then that you won't have the energy to be anxious about anything. Oh, don't sleep for more than six hours.

Do this seven days a week. You can have Christmas day off. And your birthday. You can have a week's holiday, too, once a year. [I recommend St Ives.] / Focus on your goals. Actually, focus on your vision. You dig? Listen to me. You should become the monster that keeps anxiety at bay. And you should become the monster that scares lesser souls. Let everyone else have anxiety and tremble when they see you.

Remember: Nothing is as bad as the worst thing. So accept the worst thing. Live with it! Know that it will happen one day. And as for all the other shit in life ... don't worry about that stuff, man. Be strong. Be a warrior!