Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Diarmuid Ryan is the global head

Okay, okay ... / Yes, he's, uh ... the global head. 'Of what, boss?' Er ... what, Voice? 'Eh?' What? 'Of what?' What?! 'Christ! Of what is he the head?' Who? 'Christ!' Christ?! 'No, not Christ.' Who then? 'What?' Who are you talking about? 'Jesus H. - !!!' Yeah, the same person. 'Who is?' What? 'Who's the same person? Who are you talking about, boss?' Diarmuid Ryan. But he's not Jesus. 'I never said he was! So, what is he the global head of?' Diarmuid? 'Yes!' Our Diarmuid is the global head of hedge fund services. 'Where?' Ireland. 'I mean, which company?' Well, why didn't you ask that then? 'I just did!' Okay. Okay. Uh. Okay.

Well, well ... / Never mind, dear reader(s). I'm actually exhausted now, dealing with this idiot. I can't get the staff, you know. / Anyway, from their website - 'Whose website?!' Just read it, man!

Ryan joins BNP Paribas from State Street Alternative Investment Solutions where he held several senior executive positions in New York and Ireland over the past 10 years. In this newly created role, Ryan will focus on deepening relationships with new and existing clients across the US, EMEA and APAC, and delivering strategic end-to-end solutions, including digital services, tailored to their requirements. Ryan will be based in Dublin, reporting into BNP Paribas Securities Services' Global Head of Alternatives, Ian Lynch.

I hope that explains everything. 'It does, boss. Thank you.' I wasn't talking to you, Voice. 'Oh. Lovely!' Shut up!


Right. Anything else? Okay. Some thoughts ... on art and life, and my music. / Listen, Beethoven's music ain't some great gift to humanity, man. He's not soft and poetic like Mozart. He's very aggressive. His Ninth symphony is the apex of his aggression. [Karajan, 1977.] It's as if he's saying to the listener: You think you're like me? You ain't nothing like me, muthafucka! That's the quality I've gone for in my three best songs - with the music and the words. It's a natural reaction to the universe being the way it is. I mean, we've been dumped here on earth ... maybe by God, or maybe by aliens. Or maybe we just crawled out of the fucking sea for no particular reason. You dig? But none of it makes any sense. Existence doesn't make any sense. There's no reason for it. So you get a guy like Beethoven, and he naturally wants to let off a bit of steam. Well, that's what I'm doing, too.

[By the way, if people aren't interested in a rocket trip to Mars, Elon Musk should just say to them, "See you around! I'm off!"]

Okay. Laters.