Monday, 6 August 2018

Pamplona Capital has sold BBB Industries!

Yeah, that's the news. It's nice to have some news for a change. Now I can go back to sleep. 'Back to sleep, boss?!' I had a rough night, Voice. It's this heat. Hopefully, it'll be gone soon and we can get back to a normal English summer of cold and rain. / No, I'm not going to sleep again, dear reader(s). I've got work to do. Starting with this PR email -

London / New York - Pamplona Capital Management, LLP ("Pamplona") is pleased to announce the sale of BBB Industries, LLC ("BBB Industries" or the "Company") to Genstar Capital.

BBB supplies non-discretionary replacement parts in the North American automotive aftermarket, primarily focused on the do-it-for-me light vehicle aftermarket and serves vehicle owners, professional technicians and franchised dealers. BBB Industries has a broad product offering, including starters, alternators, hydraulic steering, brake calipers, electric power assisted steering and turbochargers. Its 30,000+ SKUs are sold through warehouse distributors, retail outlets, and OEM service organizations. Founded in 1987, the Company is based in Daphne, AL.

Well, that's all right, ain't it? ("All right"). / Marty has something he wants to say about it, of course. 'Who's Marty?!' He's a partner at Pamplona, man. 'Oh.' Yeah. Big time.

Commenting on the transaction, Martin Schwab, Partner at Pamplona, said: "We are delighted with the growth BBB Industries has achieved under Pamplona's ownership. We accomplished our plan of investing in the Company's talent pool, diversifying the Company's customer base and expanding into new product groups, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. We wish the Company and its management team continued success and growth with its new partner."

You see? Marty is delighted. But, uh ... does he get any thanks? No. And does Pamplona get any thanks? No. 'Christ!' You would think that someone from BBB Industries would come on here, to this blog, large as life, and say a few words. Just to show their gratitude, you dig? 'Hang on, boss.' But no, no, no ... no one can be bothered. That's the world we're living in today, dear reader(s). Everyone is so wrapped up in themselves, not giving a damn. It's a disgrace! I reckon - 'Boss!' What, Voice? 'I've got Duncan for you.' Who?! 'Duncan, man. Duncan Gillis from BBB Industries. I dragged him out of bed - by his soul!' By his soul? Oh, okay. Let's hear what he's got to say then ...

Duncan Gillis, CEO of BBB Industries, says, at long last: "I would like to thank Pamplona for all their support over the last few years. They have been a hugely valuable shareholder and partner for our management team."

Well, okay, okay ... better late than never. Thanks, Duncan! / How did you do it, Voice? 'Well, I dragged him, and just said: Get your shit together, man. Show a bit of class.' Good!



Anything else? No, not at the moment. Oh! Actually, my local Tesco garage shop have upped their game. 'How?' They've brought back the luxury cheese and pickle sandwich. 'Yippee!' So I'll be having that for lunch.