Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Summer is over

Oh dear. Dear oh dear oh dear. 'Bye, summer!' Well, it seems to be over. Maybe we'll get a surprise later. So, uh ... I suppose it's time to bring out the Dennis Wilson album. 'This early, boss?!' I think so, Voice. Uh. Let me just remind the dear reader(s) ...

Daryl Easlea: "Pacific Ocean Blue is the amusement arcade with the paint peeling, the carnie clown's cracked make-up fading as they pack away their act after another late September weekend of half-full applause and bitter tears. The other side of summer."

You see? 'Late September.' Late September, yeah, but that's what it feels like now. 'Okay.' And it was hard to enjoy a lot of the summer with that terrible heat. I feel cheated.

Never mind. / At least I'll be able to record my songs in the cooler weather ... if I want to ... and if the noisy bastards in the street can shut the fuck up for more than five minutes.

Pacific Ocean Blue is probably my favourite album, by the way. I don't think it's the greatest album ever though. 'Oh.' Don’t get confused. It's like Fandango is my favourite film. Something about the atmosphere, you dig? The mood. It's hard to explain.

Oh, my music? I want to write another song soon, dear reader(s). I have three songs which are only fit for B-sides. That leaves me with a ten-track album of roughly forty-three minutes. That's okay, but I would prefer eleven songs. One more great song would future-proof the album like Citizen Kane. / I was flicking through Dylan Jones' book on David Bowie last night. The book is a bit harsh in places, but it shows how tough the music business is - even for superstars. Having said that, the business is a piece of piss compared to building rockets and cars, so as long as I ... ***SERIOUSLY!!!*** ... model myself on Elon Musk I reckon I'll be okay.


Anything else? Financial news? Do me a favour! Everyone's still on holiday, man. I haven't received one PR email yet. And that doesn't mean I want loads of nutjobs sending them to me now. Most of the ones I receive are unusable.

Anyway, this is a self-help motivational blog, ain't it? 'Big time.' Do it! Do it now!

Tesla news? Oh, I can't keep up. It's staying public, after all. 'What a surprise, Mikey!' Shut up, idiot! What do you know about it? 'Er ...' As much as anyone else. Nothing.

Okay, okay. Laters!