Thursday, 23 August 2018

State management

Okay, okay ... / Right. Listen, dear reader(s). One thing that can stop you from taking consistent massive action is a bad or negative mental state. Tony Robbins reckons you should jump up and down while shouting incantations. I tried it this morning ... but all I got was a headache. Jordan Belfort reckons you should set an anchor in a mood of absolute certainty while sniffing BoomBoom. [Then you sniff the BoomBoom again later when you want the same state in an instant.] But I think it's hard to get in the UK. You can't order it on Amazon. / So I don't know what to do. I definitely need something, man, because I had two massive action days on Monday and Tuesday which disintegrated into NOTHINGNESS by Wednesday.

Christ! The uncontrolled state of me ... it's a disgrace! It's the only thing holding me back.

Of course, uh ... our Elon seems to be in a wretched state half the time, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I think what keeps him going is ... he can't get away from his responsibilities. He can't just walk out of the factory gate, leaving thousands of workers behind, saying, "See you later, guys. I'm going to the park to eat some ice cream." / But I can walk away. No one will stop me putting my guitar down and then going to the pub ... with a lovely view of the river! A pint of Stella. And maybe a bowl of chips.

I suppose I could do massive action only six days a week, and then take Fridays off. No computer, no smartphone, no guitar. No blogging, and no music making. No work, and no stress. Sounds good, doesn't it? I'm just worried that it wouldn't be true massive action. However, maybe it's important to rest ... ? I don't know. It might be all right if those six working days are real hardcore shit, you dig?


Well ... anything else? Oh, I got Belfort's Way of the Wolf again. This time in paperback. [It's easier to read than an eBook on my phone.] It's brilliant, but totally diabolical - if you know what I mean. Like it was written by Rasputin. It should not be used unethically. Jordan even stresses that himself. / Personally, I don't want to manipulate people, so I'm just using the Straight Line to write my songs. I think I've made a powerful adaptation of the system, but I'll have to try it out on a new song to be sure.

Okay. Have a nice weekend, alligator(s)!