Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Yeah, whatever. There's no harm in it, I suppose. 'Oh.' I mean, I'm not complaining or anything. I've got to work with the material I'm given.

Bordeaux, December 11, 2018 - LNC Therapeutics, a French biotech company specializing in gut microbiome-based drug discovery, has expanded its Board of Directors, welcoming two new external members with impressive track records. These newly appointed members bring new, complementary key competencies and an independent outlook to LNC, which will help the microbiome specialist pursue its new business strategy, launched in early 2018 by Georges Rawadi.

Oh, okay. 'I've got a gut feeling about this PR email, boss.' Shut up, Voice. / Who are these new members?

Dr. Mathieu Simon (MD) brings a wealth of expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to LNC. Dr. Simon worked for 18 years at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he served in several general and regional management positions in Europe, as well as an executive role at the international level as Senior Vice President, Head of Global Marketing and Medical Affairs. Dr. Simon then served as Managing Director, Head of Global Pharma at Pierre Fabre, France's third-largest pharma company.

Okay. Fair enough. I wonder what he says ...

"I was won over by the LNC Therapeutics team's enthusiasm and their sound science. I've been interested in microbiome-related developments for some time now, and LNC's plans in this area are extremely promising. Georges Rawadi and his team's recent move in the biotech field is very exciting. I'm delighted to be part of this adventure, and to be able to share my expertise," said Dr. Simon.

Okay. He said it. 'And he's delighted to be part of the adventure, boss.' Ha! He should get out more. / Now, what about our Catherine?

Catherine Combot-Pletan (Pharm.D) has a solid background in strategy and project management for R&D and innovative biological drugs. After beginning her career in 1995 doing international clinical research at Chiltern, Ms. Combot-Pletan went on to gain expertise in the entire drug development process, from the research phase through to marketing. She worked as Strategic Project Director at LFB Biotechnologies, then as Head of Project Development at GamaMabs Pharma, where she led global operations, helped boost the value of the company's portfolio and was involved in its fundraising.

Okay. Nice. I wonder if she's delighted ...

"I'm delighted to join the Board of Directors of LNC Therapeutics and to immerse myself in the world of microbiome research, which is such a promising, exciting field. The LNC team is highly driven and has a clear strategic vision of the sector. I'm enthusiastic about the prospect of working together to design and develop the medical positioning of LNC projects," said Ms. Combot-Pletan.

I knew it! / Oh, Seventure Partners?

The company is backed by several major venture capital investors - including Seventure Partners, a leading European microbiome innovation investment fund - and family offices. With a total of €15 million in venture funding raised, and €1.5 million in grants (from BPIfrance and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), LNC Therapeutics pursues ambitious research and development programs to create the therapies of the future.

And that's it! This is the ENDS, beautiful friend(s)!


Anything else? You want more? 'They're insatiable, boss.' / Well, okay. Brexit is an even bigger mess now. 'Ha!' I thought we held all the cards. 'Ha, ha!' I thought there were going to be sunlit uplands. 'Ha, ha, ha!' That's enough laughter, Voice. The country has made itself look ridiculous.

Thank God I've got my music! It's a great consolation to me.

Right. Later(s), blog, finance, politics, and pop/rock fan(s)! 'And biotech fans!' Oh, them. Christ!