Thursday, 13 December 2018

Who is Giles Andrews?!

Okay, okay. PR email / Now, dear reader(s), you may be wondering ...

Giles Andrews OBE, co-founder of Zopa, the world's first marketplace lender, will join Dynamic Credit as Chairman of their Supervisory Board, subject to regulatory approval. The Board will have three members and serves to strengthen the corporate governance of Dynamic Credit Group (DCG), which comprises of the asset manager and direct lender Dynamic Credit and the investor servicing platform LoanClear.

Okay, okay. That's great. But who is he?!

Giles Andrews is co-founder of Zopa, the world's first marketplace lending platform. With a focus on delivering on customer experience, Zopa has now originated over GBP 3.8 bn in personal loans in the UK (since it was established in 2005). Throughout the credit cycle, Zopa has provided positive returns to investors. In addition to his role at Zopa, Giles acts as non-executive chairman of Bethnal Green Ventures, the accelerator for start-ups using technology to make social or environmental impact. He is also chairman at MarketInvoice, a fintech where business sell invoices to investors to raise working capital, and chairman at Kreditech, the fintech lender serving consumers in multiple geographies.

Okay, okay. I still don't know who he is. 'Well, Giles is doing interviews, boss. Why don't you speak to him?' No, no, no. I'm not in the mood for speaking to anyone. Not even you, Voice. 'Oh.' Maybe I should just use my imagination.

But first ... Giles has got something to say -

Giles Andrews says: "I am delighted to be joining Tonko and his team and am really looking forward to working with them on the exciting opportunities they have in front of them. I have been incredibly impressed by what they have achieved to date, both the scale of assets managed and the culture they have built over 15 years, which positions them so strongly for the next phase of their growth."

Jesus H. - ! Who in the name of Christ is Tonko?!


Okay, okay. / Okay. It's all rather serious now, kook(s). I'm going to forget about Giles Andrews. Who on earth is Tonko?! 'Ha! Is he even on earth, boss?' That's a good question, Voice. But I'm willing to believe Tonko is on earth. 'Okay.' But where is he from? 'I haven't seen him on the astral plane, if that's what you're getting at.' Yeah, but you don't go on to the lower levels, do you, Voice? 'Er ... you're not suggesting he's from the lover levels, are you?' Ha! Oh, let's hope not! It's nearly Christmas, man. I don't need this sort of drama right before Christmas. I should be taking it easy.

Let's forget about Tonko!!!

Well, yeah, I should be taking it easy. However, I've got a bad feeling I'll be playing a lot of guitar. There's no rest for the wicked.

Oh, obviously, I'm not writing about music any more. This is a finance blog.

Well, have a nice weekend, alligator(s)! 'Bye, crocodile(s)!' Yeah, laters!