Sunday, 30 December 2018

Did you have a nice Christmas?

Oh. Really, dear reader(s)? Oh, okay. Never mind. 'Ha! You can't hear them, boss.' What, Voice? 'You can't hear what the readers are saying.' You'd be surprised. 'Would I?' No, no. It's only a joke, man. Why do you take everything so seriously? 'I don't know.' Did you have a nice Christmas, Voice? 'Yeah, it was all right.' Okay.

Okay, uh ... no finance today, kook(s), obviously. I have a couple of PR emails. I suppose I could save one until Wednesday. On Tuesday, I'll be writing a big double conceptual. Nothing tomorrow though.

Music? I'll put something on in the minute. Give me a chance! But my music? I didn't fancy doing any recording. I still have bad memories of Christmas 2012. So I just relaxed a bit, you dig? [Well, a lot.] However, I've put fresh strings on my guitar. Elixirs! This means I will have to try recording soon or those strings will be wasted. I've done ten and half hours on them so far. I reckon they'll be okay for recording up to the thirty-hour mark. So, uh ... maybe I'll have a go at doing my songs at the end of this week.

Er, of course ... ... ... I'll be starting my FRESH START(!!!) on New Year's Day. 'Ha!' Just like everyone else in the world, sure, but I mean it, man! 'Oh.' This is the year, uh, next year, that I'll set myself on the path to becoming a superstar. 'Nice one!' I was flicking through a book in a Chiswick bookstore yesterday. Something about the end of the rock stars. 'Oh dear.' Their time is over, apparently. 'Ha! No one knows about you, boss.' I know, I know. And this is all to my advantage. I'll be the last man standing. 'Brilliant!' Actually, I've got to stand up first, and then, uh ... 'You'll be the last man standing.' Exactly! This year coming. So, stay tuned, pop and rock fan(s).

Oh, by the way, I am going to make more of an effort next year to write solely about finance (except for the conceptuals), in the time that this blog has left, like, before it becomes, uh ... an occasional thing of album news and tour dates, etc. You dig? So no music stuff! I'm on Twitter. That's where all the action will be.

Anyway, let's put something on ...

When Doves Cry and Purple Rain. Two big iconic songs that established Prince as a major rock star. He never reached these heights again. / [At my age, and in the current music business, I will need three or four big songs on every album I release.]

Let's Dance. (Long album version, same as the two Prince ones.) This is the song that turned David Bowie into a global superstar. He went from playing arenas to playing stadiums.

Like a Rolling Stone. With this one song Bob Dylan invented serious rock music. After recording it he spent the whole night playing it to his friends over and over again. / Alas, you really can't do anything new in music any more. You can only be great. Greater than anything that's come before.

Billie Jean. The performance of this song at Motown 25 made Michael Jackson the biggest star since Elvis. / Great dancing, but ...

Do you see what I'm getting at here? Songs are the most important thing, man. Forget one white glove! Or orange hair! You dig?

Okay, laters.