Sunday, 16 December 2018

One for the sports fans

Yeah, one for the sports fans, and then I'll just play some music and maybe make some general notes, opinions, etc., because it's nearly Christmas and ... you know what I mean, dear kook(s). Uh. Don't you? Yes, yes, I'm sure.

Oh, the Voice isn't here. He won't be expecting me to do a PR email on a Sunday. Ha! / Right. Oh, before we start, I'm listening to Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung, and All The Young Dudes by World Party ... on repeat, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, you dig?

[I'll be playing other songs later.]

Right. One for the sports fans -

Sport Capital Group Ltd (owner of Sport Capital Group Investment Ltd) and Global Sports Futures (the "Partners") have agreed to act together as investors in sports opportunities. In particular their focus will be on football, real estate, stadium assets, merchandising and other elements.

Or maybe not. Maybe sports fans won't want to be reminded of the big business behind football and other sports. I wouldn't know. I'm not a sports fan. / Anyway ...

The board of Sport Capital Group is comprised of John Treacy who brings with him extensive public and private markets investment experience, and Clive Richardson who brings his wealth of sports expertise to the business.

Okay. Fair enough.

Sport Capital Group's partnership with Global Sports Futures gives it access to a unique level of football sector competency including a number of highly experienced and well known senior football advisors comprising successful club managers, players, football club owners and club investors. 

Er, it's just football, I think. Which reminds me of In Bed With Medinner, that Bob Mills show. "We're all football, and they're just muggy boneheads." Something like that.

The Company intends to invest in a portfolio of football clubs in the UK and Europe and has been offered a range of opportunities to consider. It is in discussions with potential investors from the USA, UK and Europe regarding its future investment programme. 

So, all football, obviously. Other investment firms are muggy boneheads.


Right. That's enough finance, and football. / Ah, check out In Bed With Medinner on YouTube, dear kook(s), if you're not familiar with it, like. It was a classic TV programme. Very funny.

Okay. Music. I might like World Party's version of All The Young Dudes more than Mott the Hoople's. I mean, I approve of the fact that it's half a minute longer, at four minutes. A great song needs to be a substantial length, you dig? / By the way, my three big songs for the demo -

This World Don't Mean a Thing - 4.34

Nothing - 5.07

Malibu - 5.10

Er, those are approximate times, man, because I haven't recorded yet; but in rehearsal they seem to be that long, roughly.

Round the Bend - 2.56

Precisely! That one has been recorded, the little rocker!


Okay, okay, pop fan(s). Let me put on my favourite Amy Winehouse song, Wake Up Alone. Lovely melancholic atmosphere! It's perfect for a Sunday. Do you know what I mean?

And here's another one, Ballad of Dorothy Parker by Prince. "I took another bubble bath with my pants on." What a guy! Absolute legend!


Anything else? Uh. Well, Wired wrote an absurd article about Elon Musk, Dr Elon and Mr Musk. So what? Nothing about Elon's supposed bad behaviour shocks me. 'Because you're just the same as him, boss!' Voice! Where did you come from, man?! 'The astral plane.' Yeah? Piss off back there, then! 'Oh, okay. Bye!' Yeah, yeah. Laters. Idiot! [I can't get the staff.]

Ha! Uh. / And laters to you, too, dear reader(s)!