Monday, 1 July 2019

Automation again

Yeah, it's robots again, I reckon. Never mind. It's the way the world is going, dear reader(s). 'What's this, boss?' Robots again, son. 'Yeah, what? A PR email?' Of course. What else would it be?

Amsterdam / Bratislava, June 27th 2019 - SEGRON, the provider of Beyond End-to-End test automation solutions to telco network operators and service providers, today announced it has raised EUR 3 Million in its first funding round. The investment will help SEGRON accelerate growth in new geographies and expand the team in order to satisfy the increasing interest in its product.

Team?! Why does SEGRON even need a team? They've got robots! 'Maybe the team is robots.' That's a good point. Thank you, Voice.

Closing the Series A financing marks SEGRON's move from completion of successful trials to fully commercial deployments in several European countries including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Deployments of robots?! These people are out of control! 'These robots, boss. These robots.' Yes, these robots.

I'll tell you the truth, kook(s): I'm scared.

Hang on ...

Using cutting-edge technologies, SEGRON ATF controls out-of-the-box Android and iOS devices in the process of automated verification of network services. Its unique architecture enables the orchestration of multiple testing tools that some of the customers already have. Many advanced features such as Audio Verification and Signaling Analysis are available to cover all network domains like CS, PS, VoLTE, VoWifi and IoT.

Well ... maybe it's not so bad. It's just phone stuff, man. A phone can't blow you away with a shotgun. 'Not yet.' Ha!

Anyway, let's hear from the guys ...

"SEGRON has an exceptionally competent and internationally experienced team. During the past year its offering has gained momentum among the most demanding blue-chip customers in the industry" says Vladislav Jez, Partner at Credo Ventures. "SEGRON's solution is unmatched in the market today."

Oh, says Vladislav Jez from Credo Ventures. I want to hear from someone at SEGRON! ... just to make sure there are no evil terminators, like.

"The telecom and wireless industry can greatly benefit from modern test automation solutions. SEGRON is uniquely positioned and goes way beyond any available End-to-End test automation offering," says Marcin Hejka, Co-founder and General Partner at OTB Ventures. "We believe SEGRON has immense potential in the rapidly growing automation market and are glad to be supporting the team in their scaling efforts."

Uh. OTB Ventures. / Oh, look - !

"We are thrilled to have attracted great investors onboard the company. Already before closing, they have demonstrated that their value goes beyond mere funding" says Thomas Groissenberger, co-founder and CEO of SEGRON. "With the funding, we can reach out to many new customers, tapping into the full potential of test automation: improved service quality and shortened time-to-market of new services."

Yeah, okay. No mention of the terminators. 'There aren't any, boss. It's just phone stuff, like you said.' Oh, I hope so.

About the investors ...

Credo Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm with offices in Prague and Silicon Valley. Investing in IT startups with a strong technological foundation, the Credo team strives to partner with outstanding founders to realize their global ambitions. It manages 150M € across 3 funds and to date, it has made more than 35 investments throughout Central and Eastern Europe including in the likes of Uipath, Productboard, Photoneo or Price f(x).

OTB Ventures invests $1m to $10m in technology companies at post product/post-revenue stage, with Global ambitions and links to Central & Eastern European talent. OTB Ventures manages a $100M fund aimed at providing Series A financing to empower and support talented entrepreneurs to scale their businesses globally while keeping a strong focus on technology advancement. OTB's previous investments include Iceye,, SpaceKnow and

And ... [drum roll] ... ENDS - !!!


Anything else? No. There's nothing else. I'll be writing a conceptual later, obviously. But there's nothing else besides that. Listen, if there was something else, don't you think I would tell you? 'Ha! You're not the secretive sort, boss.' Of course I'm not.