Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Uh, uh ...

Seriously! Do you know what I mean? Come on, dear reader(s)! Do you know what I mean?! 'I think I know, boss.' Go on then, Voice. 'Well, you haven't had a week off this year yet, and you're just tired of writing about finance.' Yeah, I'm tired of blogging, I'm tired of - 'But a man who is tired of blogging is tired of life.' Shut up! FFS!

Listen, kook(s)! Hopefully, I will go to Cornwall soon. If I don't - and I bloody well will - I'll stay at home and take a week off. 'You can have lazy, hazy days in the park, boss.' Er ... no, I can't, actually. Have you seen the place? It's a craphole now! I could go to the pub though. And I could go for long walks like Ringo, and get mixed up in all kinds of crazy adventures, and - 'Aren't you too old for that?' Ha! I'm young at heart.


Politics? I watched that TV debate thing last night between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. It's amazing how unsuitable Johnson is for the top job. However, if you're a member of the Bullingdon Club when you're young, it's actually one of their rules that you will get the chance to become prime minister at some point. So it's traditional, and we really shouldn't interfere.

Brexit? Christ! Remember a while back, kook(s) ... I said that I could record my new demo and get a recording deal within a month? 'I remember, boss. I recall that you were very confident.' Well, I'm still confident, son, but let's hope I can do it BECAUSE(!) ... before a No Deal Brexit happens I will have to do it ... to save my skin, like. 'What about everybody else's skin?' Ha! Everybody else can look after themselves. Especially the characters who voted for this lunacy. 'But what about Ireland?' Well, it's not fair on them, is it? A No Deal Brexit could be devastating to the Irish. I doubt they'll thank us for it. 'Probably not.' It's like we have a genius for fucking up their country.


Music? Guitar? Listen! If you had told me a year ago that I would be able to do the spider exercise on my acoustic guitar like Steve Vai or something, I would have told you, dear reader(s), to visit your doctor and ask for some medication. BUT(!) ... I can! I can do it!

Also, this! This guitar guy has some great advice. / Lately, I've only been practicing, uh, roughly ninety minutes a day ... instead of the three or more hours I was doing. BUT(!) ... and it's a big BUT(!) again, oh, even bigger, as you can see with your own eyes ... by playing with passion, like the guitar is a part of my body, I'm getting better results. 'Yippee!' Yeah.

[I'll increase the practice hours after my week off.]

Okay, okay. Laters!