Tuesday, 23 July 2019

No PR emails, no financial news

Well, well ... / That's just the way it goes, my friend(s). Unless I'm prepared to, uh ... Christ, look for news, like the old days, like. 'Are you prepared to do that, boss? Really?' Ha! In this heat? Do me a favour, son! Uh. Maybe next week, if it cools down a bit.

Obviously, dear reader(s), I can't record my songs in this heat either, neither. 'That's convenient.' What, Voice? 'Nothing.' You keep your mouth shut. 'I don't have a mouth.' Whatever!

So, uh ... oh! I've noticed I perform my songs better after sleeping for half an hour. A little nap, I mean. When I'm still sleepy, I mean. So, what does this mean? 'Nerves.' Maybe. Yes, maybe I'm too nervous when I'm fully awake.

Jesus H. - !!! Boris Johnson will probably become prime minister today. That's all we need! What a joke, eh?!

Listen! Someone send me a PR email! Please! And not about crypto shit. And not about parcels. Something exciting! 'A new fund, boss?' Yes, I suppose. That would do.

Will this be my last year of blogging? Am I that lucky? 'You've got a lucky face!' Yeah, right.

Maybe I'm nervous about becoming a big star ... ? It's possible. Maybe. I don't know. 'Just be a songwriter, man. Live the quiet life in Cornwall with your new angel - if she's interested.' That would be nice. I'm not sure how lucky I am though.

I'm probably going to end up like my mentor, Jim Morrison. I mean, if you pick someone like that, he's only going to take you in one direction. The mad bastard!

Can you fight your destiny? That is the question!


Cornwall? Looe? What did I do? Er, not a lot, actually, kook(s). I ate pasties. I ate chips. I ate mint ice creams. I drank Kronenbourg. And I dodged seagulls. Oh! And I stared at the sea.

When I got to Polperro - just a few hours one morning - I sat on that bench and listened to Songs From a Room for old times' sake. Well, half of it. The weather was too nice for the whole album. Do you know what I mean? No mist/fog.


I feel like listening to Saturday Night Fever, the album, for some reason. Oh, I know why! I had a nice holiday with my grandparents in Selsey, a little while after the album was released. (I had it on my cassette player.) And the weather was really, really hot, like today!

I'll put it on later, after lunch. I'll be working on No. 726.