Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Rapid team expansion

Okay, okay. Is there anything better than rapid team expansion? 'Er ...' You're not sure, are you, Voice? 'Not really, boss.' Ha!

Well, Omar Habboush has been added to the team, my friend(s). And who knows who will be next?

London, 29 July 2019: Astarte Capital Partners LLP, an alternatives co-investment platform, has appointed Omar Habboush, CFA, to its business development team as an Associate. Habboush joins recent hires Richard Templer, Finance Director, and Bruno Fumach, Investment Director, in the London office.

I wrote about those two other guys, didn't I? 'Yes, you did. A few weeks ago.' Yes, I remember. / Now, what's the lesson here? 'If other firms sent you PR emails like this, you could write about them, and life would be so much easier, boss.' Exactly, Voice! Exactly! I mean, no offence to Jinksy, like, BUT(!) ... I would rather write about investment firms than parcels. 'Ha!' Do you know what I mean? And I'm not writing about personal stuff no more. Nor music. / Anyway ...

Prior to his appointment at Astarte Capital Partners, Habboush gained seven years of experience at Citigroup in London, where he was part of the Institutional Sales team and worked with UK, European and Middle Eastern pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and central banks. Prior to that Habboush focused on operations, risk, regulation and balance sheet management within Citigroup's Fixed Income Sales team.


Habboush is currently reading Finance for a Master's Degree at London Business School. He is a CFA Charter holder and a graduate of the University of Exeter, with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance.

Oh, very nice! / Having said that, it's much better to educate yourself, you dig? Don't go to university!

Okay, okay. Right, I think we better hear from Kojak's brother. 'I loved him in Kelly's Heroes - !!!' Oh, yeah. He was good, Voice, wasn't he? A marvellous comic performance.

Dr Stavros Siokos, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Astarte Capital Partners, says: "We are delighted to welcome Omar to his new role at Astarte. The ongoing growth of our team reflects the strength in our pipeline of opportunities and Omar's experience will be valuable as our investor base expands globally. We continue to see excellent potential for deals in the real assets space with our co-invest platform opening more than $2bn worth of value-add opportunities to our partners."

Thank you, Stavros!



Anything else? Music? 'Ha!' Christ! What did I tell you yesterday, dear reader(s)? Seriously! Are you thick or something? 'Just tell them about the new tune, Mikey.' Okay. But this is the last time. Listen! My new tune is awesome. It's the best yet. And guess what! 'Tell them!' The best bit of it came from another blackout. 'Great!' You see, I only got three hours sleep on Saturday night. Come Sunday, I was dozing off all over the place, and this tune came to me in five or six seconds. It was just a little fragment that I extended and added to a tune I wrote the other week. NOW(!), this is a real revelation to me. Dream tunes are shit, man, because you hardly ever remember them. Well, I don't. However, blackout tunes come in seconds, and then you're awake again with the new tune still in your head. 'Amazing!' So, sleep deprivation is definitely the way forward.